You Have Place a Smartphone for $10 in The Current Market?

The technology is a matter of beat records even to reach the top by the lowest. And in relation to prices of smartphones, so far had been Mozilla who had put on sale the lowest cost only $25 and your operating system (which by the way was not him too well). Now comes Walmart with a couple of smartphones that, according to the conditions, costs of between 10 and 50 dollars. How is a release realistically as well?

A few weeks ago we live with the LG Wine Smart, which although not the cheapest smartphone its price around 178 euros, so it’s not expensive, but we remember it on this occasion by the experience. Talking about the characteristics of this terminal we planted with a processor Snapdragon 201, 1 GB of RAM and 4 GB of internal memory, the same as Walmart’s, and we saw that * wasn’t an easy coexistence.

In fact, it is coincidentally from the same manufacturer. These low-cost phones are LG, specifically the Sunrise L15G and Lucky LG16C, optimistic names for some smartphones powered by processors dual core and RAM unknown, since this data not contained in official web specifications. So would the technical data sheets both products:

Dimensions and weight112.52 x 63.5 x 12.45 mm, 119 grams112.52 x 63.5 x 12.45 mm, 119 grams

Sunrise L15G Lucky LG16C
Screen 3.8 inch, resolution 480 x 320 pixels 3.8 inch, resolution 480 x 320 pixels
Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 1.2 GHz Dual-Core MSM8210 Qualcomm Snapdragon 1.2 GHz Dual-Core MSM8610
Memory 4 GB + microSD (including 4 GB, expandable up to 32 GB) 4 GB + microSD (including 4 GB, expandable up to 32 GB)
I 4.4 Android KitKat 4.4 Android KitKat
Connectivity 3g, Bluetooth 4.0 3g Bluetooth 4.0
Battery 1.540 mAh 1.540 mAh
Rear camera 5 megapixel camera with flash 5 megapixel camera with flash
Approximate price From the $10 (operator Tracfone) at Walmart From 30 dollars (operator Tracfone) at Walmart

As we can see are phones virtually even saving the processor, that without either be much between one model and one is the only difference. They present the characteristics expected in a terminal of a price so low, even though more or less are those that expected low range as the Moto E smartphones, although already comparing with this show some deficiencies that should not overlook.

Let’s talk about the “basics”

There is a great diversity of catalogue due to the wide variety of needs and requirements of users in order to choose one of these products in the smartphone market. Over time has been consolidated user profile given their needs (called and little of it has been appointed as “smart” as) Basic user and, therefore, are basic smartphones.

However, This designation could not have evolved to the beat of the industry. Although refer to a usage profile undemanding in terms of services and number of apps, must take into account both the presence and quality of the features, and not to forget something so broken as real as it is the planned obsolescence and the effects in practice of the asynchrony between hardware and current software.

The weight of the shortcomings

Not all bags weigh the same when it comes to remove them to save cost. In this case we are three remarkable absences that he must not forget although we aludamos to what you mentioned regarding the basic user. In fact, it is usual that you seek a “phone to call and to WhatsApp”, and this brings in a way the intrinsic need to include a front-facing camera which we cannot see in these terminals, by than usual of the self-portrait in social networks and messaging.

The fact that do not have 4G support nor is itself a necessity, but nowadays its presence already represents a claim in the face of the sale of terminals. This shows that there is a demand by the average user and may have weight in the final decision of the same, being a reason for discarding his absence sometimes as it is also the of not having dual SIM.

Perhaps the less noticeable lack of the NFC, at least in regions such as Spain where this technology is spreading and is not yet so well known and usual. But a future focused on payment systems contactless becomes something that even though his absence is not essential is cause for reproach in a current phone, as happened with the OnePlus 2 in the case of the most demanding users (and in the case of a terminal from another range).

The 4 GB and the Unicorn of the microSD

Very well made in LG indicate the characteristics of this terminal in terms of its internal storage that’s This 4 GB are actually 1.15 GB which are available. A nuance which can be very useful to a potential buyer that has no to what know what occupies your operating system, what volume occupy updates or what is that the cache.

Currently on a smartphone Android 4 GB dan for little more than the system and pre-installed apps

We saw after the experience with the LG Wine Smart to currently on an Android smartphone 4 GB give to little more than the system and pre-installed apps, in the case of the launcher of the brand if allowing uninstall at least part of them. The use of a microSD is virtually an obligation shortly after starting to use the terminal, even if you think make or receive photographs.

External storage which, though here locate certain content (such as some folders of photographs and lists of music) is not always a given salvation that sometimes. We saw it when you try to install the game Real Racing 3 and around 720 MB you need local storage although it installs on the microSD, without which does not work.

The other Unicorn: $10

Wal-Mart has had good eye and played well the price chart because, indeed, $10 for a smartphone apparently enough are a good claim. However, when it comes primarily from these so showy offerings always look at the small print, and in this case is no exception.

It should be recalled that it is smartphone from Tracfone, an operator of mobile pre-paid (without a contract) that only works United States. If we don’t live there already, we will have to add the extra cost of shipping, so according to where to acquire it finally may be between 30 and 60 euros (to change). In addition, you may have to unlock it, something that if has no well why having a cost means that we lose the home warranty according to the terms and conditions of Tracfone.

This price is still very low for a smartphone, but perhaps to rethink if not offset to invest more in one of the smartphones that without passing the 100 euro presented in many cases at least front camera and 4 G. And some depart from 8 GB of storage at least as we have seen can assume at least one respite in the terms of use by very “basic” be.

They already said it in Mozilla after removing its project of the smartphone for $25, which the final user experience carries more weight which achieve the lowest cost. And perhaps in 2015 touch to update the concept of “basic” in terms of requirements to make it more realistic and does not become an excuse to mask deficiencies.