WSJ: Apple Preparing an Ambitious Mobile Payment System

The Wall Street Journal pointed out that Apple is working to bring to market a mobile payments It will take advantage of the installed base of iPhones and iPads and that it will also bring credit cards associated with the iTunes store party.

This system will enable – according to sources close to this development- make payments for physical goods all in all kinds of stores. The appointment of Jennifer Bailey – formerly in charge of stores online – as head of this initiative seems to demonstrate a large bet by the Cupertino company.
As indicated in the WSJ, this system compete directly with other services that you are trying to Jell in the mobile market, such as PayPal, Square or Stripe, which take some time acting in United States.

Although Apple allows you to make some payments in their physical stores through their iTunes accounts, until now not had made the leap to a much more ambitious system of payments. The potential is enormous, and as revealed in the economic daily the 575 million registered users of the iTunes store they could wake up all a “sleeping giant”, as defined by Denee Carrington, Forrester Research Analyst.

iBeacon as a perfect complement?

The arrival of this hypothetical system of mobile payments seems to demonstrate the growing interest of Apple by take advantage of mobile phones in the Commerce of life. Its technology iBeacon, He did his iOS 7 appearance almost on the sly, is another great promises in this segment.

This technology It has already made its appearance in 254 shops Apple in United States, in the following weeks chains such as Safeway and Giant Eagle also added the necessary infrastructure, and customers who are around these establishments receive alerts on offers of these shops, as well as more opportunities for former customers of these stores.

IBeacon thrives on technology Bluetooth Low Energy (or Bluetooth 4.0) present in the latest devices from Apple, and among other things that allows much greater radius of action (50m) than that offered alternatives as NFC that Apple has never integrated in their devices.

Everything seems to be ready for a 2014 in which Apple try to offer the definitive take-off of a ambitious mobile payment system. We will see if the Journal details are correct and how is a deployment that surely only will be available in the United States during the next few months.