World leader: Apple iphone 6 Is the Top-Selling Smartphone

The iphone 6s is available for a year and a market leader: 14.2 million units Apple sold until the second quarter of 2016. The market research company of Strategy Analytics concluded. The iphone 6 followed by 2nd place two years old with 8.5 million units set off. Close behind follows the edge of the Galaxy S7: Samsung could bring 8.3 million units since the launch in March 2016 under the people.

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Magnificent triumph

The success of the iphone 6 S does not come by about: the attractive hardware design in conjunction with technical innovations such as the fingerprint sensor and the ability to capture 4K-Videos, brought the iphone 6 S according to the analysts at the top of the sales charts. The analysis also shows that the iphone 6 in Europe is still very popular and generated good sales figures. Among the high end users, the Galaxy S7 edge is the preferred choice that stands out thanks to the curved design of the hardware of the iphone.

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Market inertia

According to analysis of the market share of the iphone is 6s in the second quarter of 2016 proud 4.2 percent. For comparison, the iphone 6 bringing it to 2.5 percent, the Galaxy S7 edge 2.4 percent market share. According to Strategy Analytics, a sluggish growth in the Smartphone market as a whole can be observed. The market is only 1 percent growth since last year. Reasons for this are the high Smartphone penetration, economic fluctuations and lack innovations of the manufacturer. Let’s see what brings the iphone 7.