We Will Try to Adapt The Floral Print to The New Season

In August we set out a challenge: from scratch, we wanted to show whether it was possible to be a backpacker style. Although not thrilled many too our suggestions (at least to those who you commented), the truth is that, in my opinion, we get to show that it was compatible to travel backpacking through any city out of the Decathlon sportswear. Today we have proposed to the challenge of getting adapt the floral print to the new season. Wouldn’t you love to be able to continue to use t-shirts with floral print in autumn? Because we are going to try to get it.

Nobody said it was easy to challenging. We are talking about using an element purely spring in his season antagonist, the autumn. And not only that. The worst thing is that it is of a very trite stamping After two seasons with us, and must have enough new elements to make you want to buy flowers having finished the summer. These are the tips that you have to follow If you want to make this fall with a t-shirt with floral print.

Advice 1: darken the background

We are used to using the floral print in the spring, and so we tend to the explosion of color with this type of t-shirts. The right thing if you want to extend the life of your garments flowers is to look for those that have a dark background. That subtract you colorful to the set and It will make you look not like out of season with the floral print.

Council 2: turn off the colors of flowers

They finished the Greens and roses so striking that you wore in the flowers of your summer t-shirts. Should go stamping through the sieve of the autumn, and that is achieved with more muted colors, like Brown, Navy Blue or dark green.

Council 3: in detail

Another option that can be very good if you want to buy a t-shirt with floral print in the September is not fully cover you with flowers. For example, we can use t-shirts with pockets are both to use this element in our favor. Do you encourage in autumn with a t-shirt with the? Flower Pocket?

Council 5: monochromatic

Since autumn is a more sober and neutral, we can get a t-shirt of flowers without clash if we choose it with a low chromatic variety. For example, the background is the same color flowers or flowers have a shape, color and size similar.

Council 6: winter flowers

I won’t have to give a talk on the flowers which are born in spring and which are of autumn because my wiki-grandmother will be now sleeping NAP. What is true is that there are clothes that bear flowers that for anything you can imagine them in good time. It may be because the colors are less alive or because we actually know more flowers than we believe, but so is.

We got it? Have we shown that you can buy t-shirts with flowers in autumn without clash thanks to these six tips?