We Summarize The Autumn/Winter 2013 / 2014 with Five Parades of Infarction (III)

We ended up today Sunday with this small review we wanted to make the best male fashion shows for this season. Already know the reason: rescue in time those proposals that were made last year to this autumn/winter 2013 / 2014, and we do it from the hand of five current fashion heavyweights. Are you ready?

Salvatore Ferragamo: black

Ferragamo signature is not characterized for being biased, but quite the opposite: always bet on male and simple patterns, away at all times of the ups and downs of fashion. For this autumn/winter 2013 / 2014 we are about to begin, Salvatore Ferragamo offers more classic man, with raincoats, very formal suits and long leather. Fancy brand new autumn being a black man?

Saint Laurent: pure rock

I loved the collection of Saint Laurent for this fall. While the aesthetic rocker and uninhibited He is already very light after so many seasons, the truth is that I liked very much the indie and folk touch that has been able to give the brand to this aesthetic as carried by all from a couple of winters ago. Long leather and much wool for a loaded style collection.

Louis Vuitton: the key is to add-ins

The firm presents one season of more classic Vuitton Man: modern, urban, and small doses of sophistication. The truth is that the collection has lots of detail that would be to devote a post, but the more descatacos are the plug-ins. Sunglasses in the style of the classic pilots, backpacks of skin to stop a train and many woolen hats. Suits removed formality thanks to its slightly wider shapes and coats that are combined. Do you dare to take your? pin stripe suit with feathers and hair trim hooded padded shelters? Jackets and suits with floral patterns are also reinvented this fall (just as I explained yesterday). Special mention for shelters with neck of hair and Leopard print.

Gucci: retro one more time

Is that a Gucci you liked his formula presented in recent seasons to a retro and simple man, without large ornaments and flourishes, which for this autumn/winter 2013 / 2014 repeats once more. The Gucci man is characterized by the elegance of a style slightly seventies, renovated with more current, like the bare skinny trousers or the trencas elements.

Givenchy: dark Futurism

We finished this review of the collections for the autumn-winter 2013 / 2014 with Givenchy, the King of the dark ages. The new season of the firm is filled with a funeral black filling style leather jackets biker. Also has been seen some that another touch of grey and a proposal that we can copy: the anorak tied at the waist. As it could not be otherwise, the shirts will buckle up to above.

How about the review that we have done for the season?