Water Game: The Ultimate O2 Network Testing in the Port of Hamburg

And the winner is

Marco Raaj won the water games on the aidaprima. He was allowed to choose first a top Smartphone, that he may keep on long term loan, and chose an iphone 6 S plus. This was followed the runners up until everybody thought was a smart phone in hands. Also, all participants may the O2 data plan blue date L for 12 months completely free use.

The O2 network on board

The challenge was transferred via Facebook-live on the O2 network. That worked perfectly. Also on the O2 network, there was little to expose, this Tester Frank Reudenbach: there were almost always LTE and network coverage. Also Robert Kurtanjek gained good experience: I could see all of the videos I got sent to the challenge, immediately and without intermediate store.

For O2 customers: up to 2 gigabyte data volume given

The aidaprima

With the aidaprima cruises from Germany offered AIDA Cruises as the first shipping company all year round. Hamburg is a start and destination port for the seven-day tours to the metropolises of London/Southampton, Paris/Le Havre, Brussels/Zeebrugge and Rotterdam.

So expired the aidaprima challenge

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