Use a Mother to Daughter to Smuggle 30 IPhones to China

Just 10 days ago a 12-year-old girl, resident in Hong Kong (“ Special Administrative Region of the Republic Popular of China), was about to enter mainland China across the border with Shenzhen, to be more specific, in Luohu, which only are accessible via metro.

The young man, dressed in his school uniform, became the recognition of exit from Hong Kong without problems, also went through passport control to enter China, without difficulties but arriving at customs got very nervous, so it blew all alarms agents and was away for further inspection, since it was also rare that instead of carrying a backpack with books, he carried a small bag.

Initially there was little bag but nothing was found. The growing unrest of the girl made it to the policemen who probably had something more that it altered the girl and made her to be so nervous, so the customs officer recorded his body and found a vest tailored in which they stayed a whopping 30 iPhone 4S.

After the initial surprise, more than anything the precocity of breeding – this people are used to seeing things more rare and ingenious-, the girl told the police that his mother was which had pushed it to try to spend those 30 iPhones (with an estimated value of 124,000 yuan, almost €15,000).

After a few hours, the mother showed up at the border and explained that the phones had collected them in Sheung Shui, North of Hong Kong, in the area called “ New Territories ”, near the border with mainland China. Likewise, also explained that they had promised him that would receive $20 from Hong Kong (about €2) for each phone that give to the other side of the border in Shenzhen and thought that if it was sent to her children it would be more difficult that they discovered the cake.

Since customs explained that they pay special attention to travelers crossing the border several times a day (there are some that make it more than 10 – should be there all day, because the times I have spent it has cost me more than one hour in each direction-), although the smugglers are ready enough as to go by hiring new faces every time, including, as we have seen, children.

So to my respect and according to my personal experience, If you are a foreigner the possibilities of you stop are minimal: its communication in English is not very fluid (so if you don’t stop saving a big problem), you are a foreigner so rare that you spend to traffic with phones to €2 per unit come (normal, if you work in a decent company as an expatriate can collect perfectly what the girl would have won in half a day), whatever it is that you carry with you is more than likely that when staying in China comes to an end you take him to your country of origin.