Tours to England

Tours to the UK have a certain magnetism that awakens the desire to return to this country as soon as possible. Holidays in the UK – a journey through the most charming countries with a rich history: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. This is an elite vacation in luxurious hotels with royal service and tasting unique dishes in the most prestigious restaurants.

The tour operator in the UK in its individual tours, will fascinatingly reveal the rich history of this island state, which has preserved all the centuries-old traditions and the famous royal court. In each city of this small country there is a huge number of museums and galleries, palaces and castles open to tourists.

Each city of the state is a special breath of history: London can rightfully be called a city-museum, Stratford-upon-Avon will tell about the life of Shakespeare, and Liverpool will help to reveal the secret of the popularity of the famous Beatles.

Magnificent Scotland with the famous Loch Ness monster and the mystery of the Macleod clan, with many crystal clear lakes and famous distilleries that produce the best whiskey in the world. Mysterious Ireland is a country of elves, fairy tales and the most delicious beer.

The UK is a country that you can talk about endlessly. But it is much better to visit this famous Foggy Albion once and return many times to the country of kings, elves and the charm of northern nature.

Currency: English pound sterling

Language: English

Capital: London

“I would not like to change anything in England, except the weather.” Oscar Wilde

Centuries pass, eras change, people, cities and life itself change, but one thing remains unchanged in the UK – traditions. British traditions are unshakable, like its centuries-old history, the majestic Tower, the Parliament with the Big Ben tower, the unhurried Thames and the status of the English queen. Britain is the indispensable “five o’clock” tea party and meeting friends in the relaxed atmosphere of your favorite pub; subtle English humor based on deep self-irony. At the same time, Great Britain is one of the most progressive countries in the world, the British always keep up with the times, introducing the most advanced technologies, developing science and creating new trends in all areas of art – from music to fashion. But wherever you are – among the emerald sheer cliffs and the most beautiful fjords of Ireland, in fabulous Scotland with its amazing palaces, majestic mountains and clear lakes, surrounded by enchanting nature and ancient castles of the legendary Wales or in the heart of the country – good old England, everywhere, despite the difference in landscapes and lifestyles, there is a certain common atmosphere.  This is what the British are not willing to change and what the British are proud of – the glorious and unchanging traditions of the United Kingdom.

Geographical position
The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is located on the British Isles, which are washed by the Atlantic Ocean and its seas. The state is separated from mainland Europe by the North Sea, the Pas de Calais and the English Channel. The UK covers an area of ​​244,820 km², of which 240,590 km² is land. The population of the entire kingdom is more than 61 million people. Great Britain consists of 4 historical administrative and political parts: England, Scotland and Wales, located on the largest island of Great Britain, and Northern Ireland, which occupies the northern part of the second largest island of Ireland. Independent administrative units also form the Isle of Man, located in the Irish Sea, and the Channel Islands.

The climate in the British Isles is quite mild, temperate continental, maritime type, but variable, as it is determined by warm sea currents, such as the Gulf Stream, passing along the western coasts, as well as westerly winds. However, no significant temperature contrasts are observed here either. Thus, in most of Scotland, as well as in the highlands of Wales and England, it is cooler in summer and colder in winter compared to the rest of England. In general, the UK climate is characterized by warm winters and cool summers. The temperature here rarely rises to +30 and falls below -10, and its average annual fluctuations are between +10 and +20 °C. The average temperature of the coldest month – January – varies from north to south from +2.7 to +5.9 °C, and the warmest month – July – from +13.4 to +16.0 °C.

Tours to England