Tips for The First Time in Thailand

The first-timer will find plenty of unforgettable experiences in Thailand – but at the same time can succumb to many mocha.

1. Select the appropriate item

Thailand’s abundant destination offerings are one reason why tourists return to the country time and time again. A holiday in Thailand can be spent in a big city, on an almost desert island, or in a tourist-filled resort.

There are plenty of options, and before buying airline tickets, it’s worth thinking about what you really want from your first holiday in Thailand.

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2. Find a low-cost flight deal

Due to fierce price competition, the prices of flights to Thailand have also fallen, and it is now quite easy to find cheap flights to the country. The easiest way to compare prices is with a flight search. According to countryaah, Thailand is a country located in southeastern Asia.

Outside of the most popular holiday seasons, round-trip flights from Helsinki to Bangkok can cost less than € 500, but flying to other destinations usually costs a little more.

There are plenty of airports in Thailand, and the easiest way is to fly the most direct route possible, as close to your resort as possible. A stopover in Bangkok for a few days is also a good option, as domestic flights are available at very low prices due to the long distances.

3. Is it worth booking accommodation in advance?

Many backpackers leave between booking and head to Thailand without accommodation. Especially outside the holiday season, finding affordable accommodation is guaranteed without prior reservation, as you can get accommodation on the spot even at cheaper online prices.

Short for THA by abbreviationfinder, Thailand’s accommodation offer is very diverse, and you can stay in a luxury apartment, a mid-range hotel or a cheap hostel.

However, if you want security or travel during the popular season, such as Christmas, you should book your accommodation in advance.

4. Get the necessary vaccinations

It is not necessary to obtain additional vaccinations for a trip to Thailand, as the vaccines required depend on the destination. In areas most favored by tourists, the diphtheria-tetanus vaccine included in the national vaccination program is often sufficient.

Hepatitis B vaccine and malaria prevention medication are also recommended for tourists in some areas.

Always check up-to-date vaccine recommendations with a nurse, for example, before traveling.

5. A visa is not required for a short holiday trip

A Finn can stay in Thailand without a visa for 30 days, so a couple of weeks holiday can easily be done without a visa. For trips longer than a month, Finns must also apply for a visa.

Upon entry, a stamp is affixed to the passport, in addition to which tourists must keep an exit card between the passports during their stay. It is worth keeping it, as it is required when leaving the country.

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6. Getting around Thailand

Getting around in Thailand is quite affordable, as the largest cities have a well-functioning public transport network and in small places taxis, pick-ups and subsidies transport tourists from one place to another at quite affordable prices. Prices should always be agreed before boarding the vehicle.

Thai traffic culture is different from Finnish.

Scooter rental is especially popular in resorts where they are available at very affordable rates. The local traffic culture is different from the Finnish one, so it is safest for tourists to hop on a local driver.

Depending on the distance, it is easy to move between destinations in Thailand by plane, bus or boat. Island destinations can be easily reached by boat and boat, while destinations on the mainland can be reached either by plane or by bus.

7. Feel free to taste new flavors

Thai food is world famous as fresh ingredients and exotic flavors take the Guarantee for a delicious food trip. Indeed, local delicacies are worth tasting without prejudice, as getting to know the food culture is an important part of your trip to Thailand.

The dishes include fresh herbs, chili, lime and various sauces. Thailand is rich in noodles, eggs and chicken, but beef and pork are also available. Vegetarians in Thailand do well without any problems.

The water is not potable, so during your stay in Thailand, you should resort to either purified water or bottled water. Water bottles often have a seal.

8. Toilets that differ from Finland are easy to use

A visit to a Thai restroom can cause questions for the first-timer, as the country’s practices differ significantly from those in Finland. Resorts usually have a western toilet bowl, but there are still squats in restaurants, for example.

Behind this sign you may find either a squat toilet or a porcelain bar.

The country’s sewer network is not at exactly the same level as in Finland, which is why flushing toilet paper into the sewer is prohibited. In Thailand, toilet paper is only used for drying, as cleaning is done in the local style with water. Most hotels have a water tap next to the bed, which makes it easier to wash.

9. Observe local customs

To get acquainted with the local culture, it is worth taking a moment before the trip, as Thai customs are different from Western culture. A traveler should at least remember that it is very disrespectful to clap children on the head or show others their soles.

When visiting the temple, dress conservatively and cover both shoulders and knees.

10. Book a program on site

Traveler favored targets a diverse supply of activity ensures that the holiday will not be bored.

Bookings for transportation, day trips and equipment are often easy to book at your own accommodation, so you don’t have to spend time booking in advance. Prices are often as low as elsewhere when booking a hotel.

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