The EU Will Deploy 3G Band 900 Mhz to Improve Mobile Internet

In October It shall enter into force the new standard in the European Union that will help expand mobile broadband internet services and reduce the cost of deployment.

The 2G in Spain is currently used in the band of 900 Mhz. (less able users but better coverage) and 1800 Mhz. (more capacity and less coverage) while the 3g uses the band of 2100 Mhz. (more capacity and less coverage than 1800 Mhz.)

But as agreed yesterday by the Commissioner for the information society, from now you can extend the new technologies in the 900 Mhz band improving the experience indoors and reaching nearly triple the population with the same number of antennas emitting in 2100 Mhz so the implementation will be much faster.

In addition will continue waiting for the cast in 2015 of the digital dividend (the radio spectrum that will be freed by ceasing to broadcast analogue television) and the mobile telcos will be distributed in part to further improve the quality of data in the 850 Mhz band services.

With these changes, mobile phones must go adapting to issue new bands Since for example, the majority of 3G mobile phone current single can emit UMTS, HSDPA or HSPA in 2100 but not in 900 Mhz. even if the network is prepared for this.

Among the Movistar to EDGE updates and new forms of distribution of radio space, we see how everything tends to improve the internet experience on mobility. We only hope that operators know to keep up on all fronts with updating their rates and eliminating some of the ridiculous limits that currently have.