The Day that Went to Rolling on High Heel Sandals

Yes, I’ve made it rolling again, and this time in my tour of Ireland, where the green of the island I conquered, but the much more pink. Do you know when you go to a store looking for one thing and you just coming out with another? Well that happened to me during my trip to the Emerald Isle. I went into a store for a black body shirt, a basic which is always ideal to go out and party, combining it with jeans or a skirt, especially when one has the silly day and don’t know what to wear. And what came out of there? With sandals by Pink stiletto in hand.

I went to Topshop with her friends, a shop that I love – dresses and shoes are fabulous-, but that unfortunately, in Spain there are very few persons. In fact, you will only find in Madrid, Barcelona and Malaga. And nothing, there were these wonderful Sandals pink heel on a bookshelf, surrounded by light signals, making me winks and whispering to me “buy me”.

At that point, the first thing one thinks is: “No, stop! What you have too many shoes”. And then you start to think about a study published by Cosmopolitan Magazine recently, where he explains that if you have 20 shoes in your power, your behavior is normal; If you have a few 30 0 40 pairs, it’s feminine vanity; and if you’re over 50, it is pure obsession. Now I know that you will be wondering how many shoes do I have. Will only say that mine is not even obsession, or to go to a psychologist. It is simply female vanity… Multiplied by two.

The rose repeats as fashion color this spring 2017

Leaving the female side, vanity pink was the color of fashion par excellence of the spring 2016 , and will remain trend this 2017. While according to Pantone, greenery – Green is basically – color star of this spring. But girls, pink continues with us, and you can see it in all its range of shades: cake, Fuchsia, gum, powdered or nude. And why only include in clothing, if we can also take you foot? Female vanity sweetened in pink, always looks better.

The outfit details:

High-heeled Sandals: Topshop (new collection)

T-shirt: Mango (new collection)

Texans and bag: Zara (spring 2016)

PS: The photos are not made in Ireland. Impossible go out with these sandals. The combo cold and rain, did not possible and I had to wait until landing in Spain to release them.