Thailand – a Beach Paradise of Sun and Smiles

Thanks to its warm climate, affordable prices and beautiful nature, Thailand has gained tremendous popularity as a tourist destination.

City breaks and paradise beaches

According to countryaah, Thailand is a country of about 68 million people in Southeast Asia. Thailand remained a destination for backpackers for a long time, but over the years the country has become more and more a holiday destination for the whole nation, where families with children also enjoy themselves. Thailand has already redeemed its position as a favorite country for Finnish package travelers alongside Mediterranean resorts.

Many combine their journey with both a city break and a relaxed beach life. The trip can include, for example, a week of city holidays shopping and exploring Bangkok’s palaces, as well as another week of relaxing beach holidays on one of Thailand’s paradise islands.

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Shopping with a smile

The price level in Thailand is affordable both in department stores and in exotic markets and markets. Many return from their trip to a bag full of new clothes, jewelry and shoes. Bargaining is part of the trade and is always done with a smile on your face.

Bangkok’s shopping opportunities in particular are great – in addition to inexpensive bargains, the selection includes all the branded boutiques. Read tips for a shopping trip to Bangkok here.

Thais are known for their smiles anyway – something like that is taken care of with a happy look. Correction and good manners belong to the culture, and the tourist should also remember to behave in the country the way the country does.

The country’s tourist destinations usually get along well in English, but for taxi drivers, for example, it may make sense to include the hotel’s address written locally.

An adventurous dream

Various theme trips are also organized to Thailand. Golf trips, spa vacations, adventure trips and hikes in the rainforests are very popular. In Thailand, known for its spa culture, you can pamper yourself and even treat your whole body for a small fee.

For divers, the land offers stunning underwater scenery. There are also several Finnish diving schools in Thailand, so a beginner can also be taught in their own language if they wish.

Thailand’s major cities for a different holiday experience.

Aim for the sun, avoid the monsoons

You can travel to Thailand at any time of the year, as long as you choose the right place. Monsoon rains hamper holiday travel at different times across the country for about two months at a time.

The months from December to September are good travel times on the Gulf of Siam or Koh Samui side. It is worth traveling to the Andaman Sea on the Phuket side between November and August. It is worth heading to northern Thailand, such as Chiang Mai, between February and November.

The time between November and February is considered by many to be the best time to travel to Thailand. Then the temperatures remain on average between 25-32 degrees. The hottest times are the months between March and May. Then temperatures of up to 40 degrees are reached.

The wettest is between June and October, but even then the rains are most common in the afternoons and nights. This can be a good time to travel, as prices are at their lowest and there are fewer tourists.

Bangkok carries the title of the hottest capital in the world. The temperature there never drops below 28 degrees and not even the cooling wind of the sea up to the city. The air is thick and the heat can feel unreal – fortunately, even cheap hotels often have a rooftop pool.

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Thailand is a safe tourist destination

Short for TH by abbreviationfinder, Thailand is basically a safe destination, as long as the traveler himself just keeps his sanity with him. In crowded streets and squares, you should keep your wallet in a safe place.

There are always plenty of enthusiastic locals in tourist destinations who want to offer their help to “friends” – you may get an expert local guide from them, but you might as well be guided halfway to shopping at a souvenir shop you didn’t really want. Tourist scams occur in the busiest resorts.

Be careful with tap water. Avoid ice cubes unless you are sure of their origin and only drink bottled water. The food in the street kitchens is mostly quite safe, but make sure it is properly heated.

Be sure to take care of travel vaccinations and check entry regulations

Before traveling, you should check with your doctor for the latest vaccination and malaria status. In addition to basic vaccines (tetanus, polio, diphtheria), hepatitis A vaccination is usually sufficient for a trip to Thailand.

In the most popular tourist areas, malaria treatment is not necessary. Areas at risk of malaria are mainly border areas of Burma and Cambodia. Because of the dengue fever, it is still advisable to use mosquito repellents and try to avoid mosquito bites all over Thailand. Contact your doctor for more information.

A Finnish citizen does not need a visa to Thailand for a regular one-week or two holiday trip. Thai entry regulations may change frequently and also vary locally, so always check with the authorities for the latest information about your destination before traveling, such as in a Thai travel bulletin.


Temples are an essential part of a visit to Thailand.

Flights to Thailand

Direct flights from Finland to Thailand are relatively inexpensive. Finnair flies from Helsinki to Bangkok daily. It is even cheaper to get there if you are ready to make stopovers. For example, the low-cost airline Norwegian and the Thai national airline Thai Airways operate to Bangkok from Stockholm.

During the winter months, Helsinki also offers direct flights to the resorts of Phuket and Krabi.

Flights within Thailand are cheap. If you are planning to take longer stages on site, a local flight can be just as much of an option as taking a bus or train. You can read more about low cost airlines in Asia here.

All major Finnish travel agencies organize package tours to Thailand to numerous different destinations. The most popular package destinations are Phuket, Krabi, Khao Lak and Hua Hin. The duration of package tours is usually 1-4 weeks.

Multi-level accommodation

Accommodation options in Thailand can be found for every need. Package travel often includes a hotel. The largest hotels are often located in key locations in terms of attractions and transport links.

In the most lavish city hotels, breakfast is served at sizzling buffet tables, and the scorching sun can be enjoyed in the rooftop pool area.

If you are arranging the accommodation yourself, you may want to compare the options somewhat. Local inn-type accommodation is often very good value for money.

However, the level of equipment in the rooms varies, so you should be careful when booking. Where a deluxe room may have a fridge, TV and balcony in addition to air conditioning, the most modest option may be a bed in a windowless room.

By bus and train around the country

For those accustomed to Finnish motoring culture, Thai traffic can be a shock. The horns are ringing and there is a huge amount of cars, scooters and motorcycles on the move. We walk boldly into even the smallest gap, and narrow and winding roads pass wildly.

Road transport cannot therefore be said to be the safest in the world. Tourist buses are still generally of high quality and public buses are also in good condition and quite reliable.

The most convenient and at the same time best travel option is the train. The country’s railway network is comprehensive and in good condition. Sleeping on a longer night train ride is an affordable and very comfortable option.

Casually with a support

For shorter journeys, taxis and log cabins are convenient and inexpensive options. An air-conditioned taxi is attractive on a hot day, but you should also try even cheaper and atmospheric tuktuk taxis.

Be clear about your destination and don’t take free city tours. They are meant to take you shopping at various tourist shops where drivers get a commission. Be sure to bargain for the price and agree on it in advance unless you have a meter taxi.

Always require the use of a meter in a meter taxi. In Thailand, you can often rent a taxi for the whole day at the price you would pay for one city leg in Finland.