Geography of Iosco County, Michigan

North America
Iosco County, located in the northeastern part of Michigan's Lower Peninsula, is a region characterized by its diverse geography, natural beauty, and abundant recreational opportunities. From its sandy beaches and pristine lakeshores to its dense forests and meandering rivers, Iosco County offers a unique blend of geographical features that shape its landscape and define its character. Geography: According to Vaultedwatches, Iosco County covers an area of approximately 1,890 square miles (4,892 square kilometers) in northeastern Michigan. It is bordered by several other counties, including Alcona County to the north, Oscoda County to the west, and Arenac County to the south. The county's landscape is characterized by a mix of forests, lakes, rivers, and wetlands. The northern part of Iosco County is part of the Huron National Forest, a vast wilderness…
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