Supplements Thermogenic to Lose Weight

Supplements thermogenic are supplements fat burners, with action termogênica that increase metabolism, help lose weight and burn fat.

These supplements also help to reduce the appetite, reducing the desire to eat sweets, and also help generate more power, increasing therefore the disposition for the training. Thus, some natural supplements with thermogenic effect are:

  • Sineflex- with Caffeine, vitamins, and minerals like Magnesium and Chromium in its composition, is indicated for burn and block fat and accelerate the metabolism. Sineflex is composed of 2 types of capsules, a Pure Blocker, and Dynamic Focus, which must be taken as follows: 2 capsules of Pure Blocker and 2 times for day, and 1 capsule Dynamic Focus before lunch.

Supplements Thermogenic to Lose Weight 1

  • OxyElite Pro- with caffeine and herbal extracts such as Olive tree and Yohimbe is shown to help you lose weight, burn fat and to better define and more easily muscle. OxyElite Pro should be taken 3 times per day, except in the first 4 days of treatment where the recommended doses are lower.
  • Lipo 6 by Nutrex- with Yohimbe, Caffeine, Synephrine and Bioperine in its composition, is shown to help burn fat, ny the body, control the appetite and increase energy production. Lipo 6 should be taken 3 times per day, except in the first few days of treatment where the recommended doses are reduced.
  • Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite- with caffeine, green coffee, L-Theanine and Theobromine in the composition, is indicated for increasing metabolism, increasing energy and concentration. The recommended dose for this supplement is 2 capsules per day, except in the first few days of treatment where the dose is further reduced.

Supplements Thermogenic to Lose Weight 2

  • These supplements can also be taken in cases of tiredness and lack of energy, because it increases the production of energy, improving often also the concentration.

When taking Supplements Burners

The supplements burners can be taken when you want to lose weight or increase your metabolism and your take must be associated with the regular practice of physical exercise. In addition, these supplements increase energy and concentration, and are therefore particularly important in periods of increased fatigue, and in practices with high physical demands.

However, these remedies should only be used in the latter case, and always on the advice of a doctor or nutritionist, because its use changes the metabolism, also end up altering the production of hormones in the body, which cause problems such as insomnia, mood changes, headache, agitation, constant or pain, and the head, for example.

Thermogenic Natural

The food is excellent thermogenic natural, especially drinks, or spices, which contain in their composition substances such as caffeine, capsaicin, or catechins, which speed up the metabolism and enhance the temperature of the body. Some of these foods are:

Supplements Thermogenic to Lose Weight 3

  • Cinnamon- should eat 1 teaspoon per day, which can be added to fruit or in milk, for example;
  • Ginger- you should drink 2 slivers of ginger per day, which can be used in the preparation of meat or in teas and juices.
  • Green tea- you should drink 4 cups of this tea per day;
  • Coffee- must have 2 to 3 cups per day, preferably after meals facilitates digestion.

These are just some example of foods with a thermogenic effect on the body.