Stylish Solar Watch With Extras of Q&Q

Since then I have lost my beloved wristwatch, I always had to look to mobile phones in order to keep the time in mind. Granted that this is not really practical. The more I am pleased with the new Smile solar wristwatch Quest & Quality ( Q & Q ), I received from Galeria Kaufhof for testing.

Stylish Solar Watch With Extras of Q&Q

These unisex watches are anything but 08/15! Every detail is thought through. They look like little works of art and are fully equipped with its graphic patterns and bright colors in vogue. For every taste and every occasion is catered for. Whether you playful polka dots, striking zigzag pattern or simpler variants preferred. I fell into the wristwatch blog, the velvety-soft nestles around the wrist. The black and white pattern continues plastically continued in shimmering dial. At the edges of the woven and printed bracelet peep through strong accents in blue and pink.

Exceptional are the inner values ​​of this watch. The dial is not only a dial, but a solar cell. As soon as they come to light, charges it to the battery. This technology was developed by Citizen-the parent company of the brand Q & Q – and proven for decades. These clocks run and run!Even at night, because the battery stores the energy until one hundred days. So the Smile Solar may be three months in the dark drawer and still works flawlessly. On the other hand it would be a shame, because it just belongs to the wrist.

I think the principle of solar watch for very successful. I save not only time and money, because I have to buy a new battery, but also do the environment some good. At first I wondered how this claim matches a plastic watch and behold: all solar watches are made from recycled materials. Not only that, because Q & Q donates a portion of the proceeds of each watch sold to the charity “Table for Two”. This ensures that school children in Africa and Asia get a lunch daily.

My conclusion: This unusual, environmentally friendly watch, by the way also does something good, is my absolute must-have of the month.