Spinning Makes You Lose Weight, Define Your Legs and Butt

A spinning class lose weight more than the treadmill or a run and also strengthens the legs and the buttocks, leaving the body more beautiful and attractive. Other benefits are:

  • Strengthen the thighs, and fighting cellulite on the inner part and side of the thighs;
  • Work the glutes, leaving them firmer and greatly reducing cellulite;
  • Improve the blood circulation in the legs, fighting the swelling;
  • Strengthen the abdominal muscles when the class is done with the tummy tuck;
  • It improves the functioning of heart and respiratory tract, decreases cholesterol and helps in the control of the rate of glucose in the blood.

The classes are dynamic and engaging, however they are and the more given to one who is already accustomed to doing exercises because it is of moderate intensity/high.

How many calories burning

Spinning Makes You Lose Weight, Define Your Legs and Butt 1

The spinning slims the belly and the legs because you spend a lot of energy. One hour of spinning burns on average 570 calories per class in women and more than 650 men, but to lose weight and lose the belly it is recommended to use a frequency meter for the whole lesson, to keep the heart rate above 65% of maximum capacity.

The frequency counter is a portable device that measures the heart rate is ideal for losing weight and professor of the academy may indicate what is the ideal frequency of student according to their age. Certain gyms have stationary bikes that already have the frequency counter, in the guidon, which helps to control the HR during the entire lesson.

So, if the person does a good feed and be able to fulfill all the class, it is possible to lose about 4 kg per month with workouts 2 or 3 times per week.

Tips to make the most of spinning class

Some important tips to get the most out of the spinning class are:

  • Take 1 cup of fruit juice, take 1 smoothie or eat 1 fruit about 30 minutes before class;
  • Stretches prior to class start;

Spinning Makes You Lose Weight, Define Your Legs and Butt 2

  • Start at a slower pace and increasing the speed and force of the legs gradually;
  • Use a shoes with a hard sole, such as the professional cyclists, as this helps to put the force of the leg directly to the pedal, by preventing it lose through a running shoes with a soft sole;
  • Have a washcloth hand always close at hand to prevent the hands slipping from the handlebars of the bicycle spinning;
  • Use shorts padded in the private parts to ensure a greater comfort during the lesson;
  • Drink coconut water or an isotonic drink such as Gatorade during the class to replenish the water and minerals lost in the sweat;
  • Help the bike spinning to your height to avoid injury in the spine and in the knees;
  • After the class to eat some food rich in protein, like a protein shake or a yogurt, or a meal with lean meat or eggs to promote muscle growth.

Throughout the lesson you must keep your back straight and avoid forcing too much the neck if there is neck pain, relieve tension in this region, turning head to the sides, but if there is pain in the knees while riding, the more indicated is so that you can search for a doctor or a physiotherapist.

Spinning Makes You Lose Weight, Define Your Legs and Butt 3

For those who want to lose weight and lose belly is important to remember that the correct feeding and regular practice of physical exercise it is important to also merge the classes such as spinning with a type of anaerobic exercise, such as weight training.