At the Technology Museum, it is possible to yawn inside a real submarine.


The handsome cathedral is a World Heritage Site

The nearly thousand-year-old Speyer Cathedral has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1981. It is the largest surviving Romanesque church in the world. There is space inside for a total of 2,000 people.

What is special is that such a huge cathedral was built at a time when the whole town of Speyer had only five hundred inhabitants. The builder of the church, Emperor Konrad II, wanted to show his power and authority in impressive proportions. Over the centuries, a total of eight German emperors and kings have been buried in connection with the church. Speyer Cathedral is open to visitors daily. There is no entrance fee, but a separate fee of a few euros is charged for a visit to the crypt and the bell tower.

Those interested in church history will find what they are looking for

The city of Speyer plays a major role in the events that took place throughout Europe during the Reformation. The fate of Martti Luther at the Parliament in Speyer in 1529 was proclaimed the Kingdom Curse because of his revolutionary ideas. In honor of Luther and the Reformation, a spectacular Protestant Gedächtniskirche der Protestation was built in Speyer at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. Next to the Gedächtniskirchen rose only a few years later St.-Joseph-Kirche, who wanted to be at least as handsome. Both of these are interesting places to visit for tourists interested in church history.

The Museum of Technology fascinates big and small

The more modern world in Speyer is represented by the Technik Museum Speyer , for which you should book at least a couple of hours or three for a more thorough visit, even a full day. The halls and extensive outdoor areas of the museum are full of cars, planes, ships, helicopters, submarines and other means of transport from all periods of history.

As soon as you step in, you will be greeted by a spectacular selection of handsome oldtimer cars from Rolls Royces to old fire trucks, and even admiring these would take several hours. However, it is not worth stopping for cars for too long, as the most interesting is just coming: there are dozens of whole planes and ships in the museum’s outdoor areas, all of which can also be entered. For example, you can hurt the cargo hold of an Antonov transport plane or get up to walk on the wing of a Boeing 747 jumbo.

One of the halls is entirely dedicated to space travel. On display are authentic spacesuits and other equipment and even a complete space rocket. The museum is also open all year round on public holidays and has a restaurant, café and souvenir shop.

Other museums and places to visit

Other museums in Speyer include the Historisches Museum der Pfalz in Palatinate, which presents the local history of the region, and the Fastnachtsmuseum, which tells the story of German carnival tradition. Only the Cologne Carnival is often known and known abroad , but the celebration is also celebrated elsewhere in Germany and the tradition has deep roots.

A visit to Speyer’s Sea Life , located on the Rhine River just outside the Old Town, is ideal for families with children .



The price level on Speyer’s Kauppakatu is cheaper than in major German cities.

Historic churches

  1. Dom zu Speyer Cathedral
  2. Gedächtniskirche
  3. -Joseph-Kirche
  4. Dreifaltigkeitskirche

Day trips to nearby towns

  1. Heidelberg – a great castle and a beautiful old town
  2. Mannheim – just a stone’s throw away
  3. Frankfurt – the metropolitan atmosphere brings variety to the small town
  4. Rural wine tour – even try cycling on the wine slopes