Sights of Apeldoorn, Netherlands

The city of Apeldoorn is known for, among other things, Het Loo Palace, its location near the Veluwe and theme parks. The Apenheul has been an absolute winner for years for anyone who wants to admire different types of primates and the Julianatoren is a very nice amusement park for children up to the age of 10. Older children will soon feel too old for the attractions in this beloved small-scale amusement park. A striking fact is that Apeldoorn does not have a long list of places of interest. It is even quite difficult to come up with a top 10 sights of Apeldoorn without involving the surroundings of this city. It’s not that this big city is ugly. No, it blossomed too late. Apeltoon connoisseurs we spoke to say ” Actually, Apeldoorn is a small village that has grown at the seams. It is excellent to live and to keep out, but for relaxation you mainly look outside the city”.

It is remarkable that there are relatively many detached houses in Apeldoorn. They increasingly have a monumental character. However, there are no monumental buildings that you can simply praise as a top sight within Apeldoorn. In the center of the city there are many shops, the majority of which consist of the large chains. Although a number of shops are located in monumental buildings, there is often not much left of them due to modernization. With a walk through the streets of Apeldoorn you can still see some authentic nineteenth facades and of course the Grote Kerk from 1892, where a number of members of the royal family were married. What is striking about Apeldoorn is the amount of green you see. The city has no fewer than nine parks.

Top 10 sights of Apeldoorn

#1. Palace Het Loo

According to BRIDGAT, Het Loo Palace, located on the north side of Apeldoorn offers a nice glimpse into the life of the Dutch royals. The former hunting residence of the royal family is now open to the public. The palace museum is located in the main building, with the service wings connecting to the left and right, where you will find the kitchen, among other things. The horse stables and coach houses can be found on the western side. The museum of the Chancellery of the Dutch Order can be found in the eastern wing. A number of costumes and the collection of Dutch Orders are exhibited here. All carefully decorated rooms give you a glimpse into the life of our royal family. The beautiful regal garden is of considerable size.

#2. Hoge Veluwe National Park

The first attraction that is not located in Apeldoorn itself, but in the immediate vicinity, is the Hoge Veluwe National Park. This is a popular nature reserve where you can still spot various wild animals, especially if you choose the right time. So at the crack of dawn you have a reasonable chance of spotting roe deer, red deer, foxes or wild boars. At the end of the day, that chance is also quite high. The moment most people have returned home, the animals show themselves more easily. They then go in search of food and water.

The interplay between nature and culture is remarkable. You will find here, for example, the Kröller-Müller Museum for modern and contemporary art. You will also find many works by Vincent van Gogh. In addition, there is a sculpture park outside. The Kröller-Müller couple used to be the owner and founder of this beautiful nature park. She used it as a hunting ground. For this they release animals, including even kangaroos. Another special attraction is the Jachthuis Sint-Hubertus which is located in the north of the park on a beautiful lake. It is partly open to the public.

The park can be visited by horse, on foot or by bicycle offered by the park. These white bicycles are ideal for covering greater distances within the park. You can of course also choose to rent a bicycle elsewhere, for example with electric support.

TIP: the blog story ” De Veluwe in 12 hours: nature and art in the Veluwe ” shows through an inspiring story, a clear timeline and many photos what a day in the Veluwe can look like.

#3. apenheul

Would you like to spend a day watching monkeys? That is possible in the Apenheul. Experience a day among up to a hundred loose and swinging monkeys. You will be amazed at how intelligent these animals are and how closely related to humans. Luring, petting and feeding the monkeys is not allowed. Because the free-roaming monkeys can target your belongings, the use of a well-closable bag (preferably with a zipper) is recommended. Due to the risk of infection and safety, it is not allowed to bring pets to the Apenheul. Unfortunately, this also applies to guide and assistance dogs.

The Apenheul was founded in 1971 by the now deceased photographer Wim Mager. His hobby, which has gotten out of hand, of having monkeys as pets, has resulted in the development of two parks. There is a similar park in France ‘La Vallée des Singes’. A lot of acquired information about monkeys can be found in the visitor center. In addition to the monkeys, there are also peccaries, turtles, coatis, pudus, capybaras and anteaters to admire.

#4. Julianatoren

Have fun playing in an amusement park that is set up entirely for children. That’s how you get to the Julianatoren best described. This small-scale park is great for a day out, especially for children between the ages of 1 and 10. It is reasonably well-arranged and there is a friendly atmosphere. The attractions such as Jul’s Dino Tour, Ferris wheel, Jul’s Helicopter track, Jul’s Duikvlucht and Moby Dick are all not really super fast and therefore very doable for the little ones. From the watchtower you have a good view over the Apeldoorn forests and the park. There are also a few dining options scattered throughout the park. Of course it is also possible to have a picnic at the back of the park.

#5. CODA

For the necessary dose of art and culture you can visit the CODA in Apeldoorn visits. This is an abbreviation for “Culture Under Roof Apeldoorn”. In this modernly designed culture house, the words experience and experience are central. You will find a library, archive and an exhibition museum here. The CODA calls itself a source of inspiration in the field of literature, art and history. The changing exhibitions and library agenda ensure that there is always something new to experience or learn. There is also a lot to be found about the history and literature about Apeldoorn and its surroundings. In the CODA Café you can relax while enjoying a cup of coffee.

#6. Radio Kootwijk

Officially, Radio Kootwijk is a hamlet within the municipality of Apeldoorn. For tourists, the handful of houses where a total of about a hundred people live are not interesting. What is worth the effort is the former transmitter park to which the neighborhood owes its name. Zenderpark Radio Kootwijk was built in 1918 with the aim of maintaining communication with the former Dutch colonies. At a certain point, new technologies made the transmitter park obsolete. The last cell tower was brought down in 1980. Today, the remaining Building A is a monument and a popular landmark. This is mainly due to the architecture in a beautiful Art Deco style and the location in the beautiful nature reserve of the Veluwe.

#7. Nature Park Mountain & Forest

Nature Park Berg & Bos is a forest of more than 250 hectares that can be found in the Berg & Bos district. It is one of the beautiful city parks in Apeldoorn. Many special plants and trees can be found within this nature reserve. The park is used for many purposes such as festivals and walking and running routes. The park is accessible for free. Only the ‘Klimbos and Hapskamp’ are paid activities. From the watchtower you have a spectacular view over this wooded historical area.

#8. Veluwe Steam Train Company

Step back in time by riding the most beautiful steam train in the Netherlands. The Veluwse Stoomtrein Maatschappij takes you from Apeldoorn via Beekbergen, Loenen and Eerbeek to the station in Dieren, where you can then take a boat trip on the IJssel. The mighty steam locomotive lets you experience a unique train journey through a beautiful landscape. The length of the line opened in 1887 is now 22 kilometers. Don’t forget to plan a stop at Beekbergen station. Thanks to the extensive collection of equipment and a large workshop, the Museum Steam Depot is more than worth a visit.

#9. Theater Orpheus

Since its opening in 1965, the modern Schouwburg Orpheus has been used extensively for numerous performances. In addition to the theater and concert hall, the theater is also known as a unique location for conferences and events. The acoustics in this building in particular have made the theater an excellent location for various purposes. Particularly in musical life, the praise is given to this theatre. All modern gadgets are now present and partly because of this, Apeldoorn has a theater to be proud of.

#10. Omnisport

Numerous events are organized in Omnisport Apeldoorn, including events with a sporting character. Think, for example, of European and world championships for track cycling and for athletics. Omnisport Centrum is also frequently used for concerts and fairs. We recommend checking the Omnisport site for the most up-to-date agenda.

Apeldoorn, Netherlands