Sennheiser OCX 686-Ready to Start [TEST]

Review of Sennheiser 686 series. Sennheiser’s latest sportsheadset is tailored for the exercise.

When the music is to be shown on the run or bike ride, it is tempting to take a simple in-ear headset and let it take care of the entertainment.

In the long run, the solution is not unproblematic, constant sweat and rain eats away on headset and cables-and you can often end up fighting, just to get the headset to be on her place in the ears.

Lydspecialisterne with Sennheiser offers several solutions for purpose-all of which is based on an evolution of the popular 685-series. Here’s the Sennheisers latest 686-series.Price at the high end

Sennheiser 686G offers really nothing on anything special out of it, it is tailored to: good sound to exercise.

The sound will satisfy most, and its rugged construction makes it obvious to have a fixed place to the in training bag.

The daily rate at just under 700 crowns do, however, that it will be difficult to rise above competitors with wireless benefits in the same pricing scale. We therefore on lands 4 out of 6 stars.