Say Yes to the Engagement Ring!

In 1477, Archduke Maximilian of Austria presented Maria de Burgundy with a diamond ring.The couple got married the next day and this is the first record of the origin of the engagement ring.Thus, the engagement ring that became a tradition of royalty, was proliferating among the peoples.The engagement ring is the representation of the promise of faithfulness and eternal love.The ring’s circular shape represents the cycle of life, fertility and love.

Despite all the femininity, daring and power of the Brazilian woman, some still have a barrier with the engagement ring, since only the woman uses while the man puts the wedding ring only on the day of the wedding.On the other side, the greatest doubt of men is “why choose an engagement ring if later we will put on the wedding ring?” With each passing day, the engagement ring has broken these barriers and won the heart of the Brazilians.Passionate men, just like romantic women, know that an engagement ring is a demonstration of love.It’s an eternal, symbolic jewel and can be passed down from generation to generation, as happened with Princess Diana’s engagement ring that now belongs to the beautiful Princess Kate Middleton.

The sparkling ring is the most classic engagement ring and the most well-known promise of faithfulness and eternal love. Some factors to be taken into consideration in choosing a beautiful shiny ring:
1. The 4 Cs: Cut, clarity, color, carat. You do not have to be a brilliant expert to buy an engagement ring. However, understanding a little about it is important.
2. Choose a reliable jewelry. It’s not every day that anyone buys a shiny ring, does not it? It is important to choose an honest jewelry store that has a domain of the 4Cs and helps you make the right choice!
3. Learn all about the jewelry guarantee certificate.Such a unique and meaningful jewel must have a full warranty certificate!
4. Although the brilliant carry such a powerful meaning, rings with other precious gems can also be a lovely option!Find out which gem makes the most sense and matches the story of the couple.A personalized ring is a touch and let the wedding request even more special.

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