San Marino As a Tourist Country

According to countryaah, San Marino is the oldest republic in the world and the third smallest in Europe. Miniature San Marino is a land of beautiful scenery, duty free shopping and historic buildings.

Siro San Marino

Surrounded entirely by Italy, San Marino is one of the smallest states in the world. The capital San Marino shares its name with the surrounding state and is the most popular place to visit in the country. In most cases, it is not even necessary to distinguish these in everyday use.


The country has more than 30,000 inhabitants and covers an area of ​​about a quarter of Helsinki. The charm of San Marino is not based on huge monuments and large masses of people, but on small details.

The narrow medieval streets, lined with small boutiques and cozy terraces, soak up their deep waters. In San Marino, it’s easy to forget that you live in a hectic modern age.

History in architecture

The historic center of San Marino is picturesque. It is in itself an attraction that hides numerous highlights.

Palazzo Publico, San Marino City Hall, is a more than 100-year-old neo-Gothic building and one of the most visited sites in the country.

The urban landscape is dominated by three towers rising high. The oldest of the towers, Guaita, was originally built as early as the 11th century. All the towers are not only historical sites to visit but also great vantage points. The second oldest tower, Cesta, rises to the tallest of the towers, up to 750 meters.

In a Roman Catholic country, religion, and especially in the past, played a significant role. Despite its small size, San Marino also has several churches worth visiting.

The largest of the churches is the Basilica of St. Marinus, where it is also possible to participate in an international fair. Construction work on St. Francis Church began as early as 1361 and is the oldest religious building in the country. The Church of St. Peter is also interesting in its sympathetic smallness.


Interesting museums in San Marino

For those interested in cultural history, San Marino has a lot to offer, as museums offer art, architecture and archeology.

Visitors are especially welcome at the San Marino State Museum, which, in addition to works of art, features archeological finds as well as coins and medals. After a museum tour, you are sure to get more out of San Marino’s historic surroundings as well.

The Museum of St. Francis is located in the church of the same name and focuses on sacred art. You can also get to know the history of these buildings from the already mentioned towers and Palazzo Publico.

Tax-free shopping in San Marino

Historic and tiny San Marino may not immediately be considered a shopping paradise, but this time the look is disappointing. As a non-EU country, it is possible to make tax-free purchases from the country.

The shopping selection is also commendable. In addition to fashion and clothing, electronics and especially handmade jewelry are available.

In order to make tax-free purchases, a credit card and ID or passport must be included. In addition, the amount of a one-time purchase must exceed 270 euros.

The heat of San Marino in the summer

Short for SM by abbreviationfinder, San Marino is a typical country in the Mediterranean climate zone. Summers are warm and sunny days, of which there are many in summer, the heat limit is regularly exceeded. However, the location clearly above sea level makes the city tour tolerable, and the air, like many big cities, does not stand still.

In winter, temperatures drop to near zero at their coldest, and occasionally snow is found in San Marino. It is especially worth visiting between spring and autumn.



Flying to nearby destinations

There is no airport in San Marino, so you can’t get to Finland directly.

The nearest airport is Rimini, Italy, less than 30 km away. Although it is not possible to get there directly from Finland on a scheduled flight, the journey is quite smooth with a stopover or leisure flight. The rest of the journey from Rimini to San Marino is worth exploring along the tracks.

There are also airports, for example, about 70 km from Forli and just over 100 km from Bologna.

Accommodation in San Marino

San Marino has about twenty accommodation options for the traveler. Hotels are generally quite in good condition and prices start at around € 60 per night and per double room.

More commonly, however, San Marino is a day trip destination to nearby cities. For example, a beach holiday in Rimini can brighten up your day in historic San Marino.

On foot in San Marino

The flower garden of San Marino is, as already stated, very small. Almost everything worth seeing can be found in the small and dense center, which is definitely worth taking on an apostle ride.

However, the tourist should be prepared with bottles of water, as it is hot in summer and sweat may rise to the surface when it hurts high.


Guaita, the oldest of the towers

Guaita is the longest-lived of the towers built on top of Mount Titano. Built in the 11th century, the tower has played an important role in San Marino’s defense throughout history. Since then, it has also been used as a prison.

Guaita is not only the oldest but also the most impressive of the towers. Worth seeing is especially its belfry – not forgetting, of course, the incredible landscape that opens up to the city and the surrounding areas.

San Marino’s most famous building is the Palazzo Publico

Palazzo Publico is one of the most popular attractions in the historic center of San Marino. It is already a landmark in itself. The bell tower rising high can already be seen from afar, so navigating the building does not pose any problems.

Palazzo Publico was once built on the remains of a medieval house and was completed in the late 19th century. From the outside, the pale yellow stone building is spectacular and especially at sunset the building comes into its own.

There is plenty to see inside. The artwork and wallpaper on the walls rhythmize the beautiful rooms, whose windows offer a great view of the square in front of the building.

Learn about history at the State Museum

A visit to the San Marino State Museum will not leave anyone interested in history cold. Founded in the mid-20th century, the museum offers a wide range of attractions.

The different parts of the museum are divided into layers. The most interesting of these floors is the first, which exhibits archaeological finds and documentaries from San Marino from the Neolithic period to the Middle Ages.

Above the floor you will find works of art, some of which date from the 17th century. On the top floor, works of art donated to the museum are on display, while on the ground floor, there are Egyptian and Roman archeological donations, among others.



The finest attractions in San Marino

  1. Guaita (first tower)
  2. Palazzo Publico
  3. Cesta (second tower)
  4. State Museum
  5. Montale (third tower)

The most beautiful churches

  1. Basilica of St. Marinus
  2. Church of Francis
  3. Basilica of Santon
  4. Church of Peter
  5. Church of Cappuccini