Samsung Gear 360-a Camera That Share Experiences [TEST]

Review of Samsung Gear 360 VR-camera. Share experiences, travel and life events and give your spectators a space on the very first parquet.

2016 is the year where Samsung along with Facebook goes all-in on Virtual Reality. The company’s topmobiler comes in several places with a Virtual Reality headset but it evokes at the same time, a need to be able to create content for the virtual worlds.

Just such a solution is Samsung’s Gear 360 camera-a camera with a strange design that records everything that goes on around a.

Specifications Samsung Gear 360

Goals: 66 x 62 mm in diameter, 151 grams
Optics: f/2 lens with 2 x 180-degree fisheye
Camera resolution: 2 x 15 megapixel 1/2.3 “sensor
Performance: DRIME V processor, up to 4 k/30 fps, 2.5 K/60 fps, Full HD
Battery: replaceable 1,350 mAh, micro-USB charging.
Price: around 3,000 dollars

Minimum requirements for Gear 360 software: Mac or PC with at least 3 GB of RAM, Intel Pentium/AMD A4 or faster.
Recommended for 4 k editing: 64-bit operating system, at least 6 GB RAM, Intel Core i7/AMD FX or higher, NVIDIA GT-series/AMD Radeon R5 or higher, 2 GB of video RAM.

Delicious future look

It is not just the concept behind Gear 360 that tastes of the future, the very design of Gear VR also seem to be imported from a high-tech future that awakens associations with cult sci-fi game Portal.

Gear VR is a spherical case that size is located halfway between a tennis and ping-pong ball. The filling and weighing roughly twice that of a actioncam, which makes sense for the camera also to technically consists a front and rear-facing ditto.

The whole package is at the same time, water-and dust-resistant, but I would still be cautious with it on the next great adventure, for Optics is anything exposed, due to its 180-degree design.

Smart accessories

The optics are so exposed as it is, often, for that seems constantly to put traces of my fat fingers on the glass. Fortunately the included carry bag extremely well thought out, the inner Microfiber — makes it easy to wipe your lens each time the camera is taken in and out of the bag. Excellent detail.

Moreover, comes with a slick 360 gear coupled mini-tripod/grip, as well as a small strap to secure the camera to the wrist. It follows, therefore, is not an arsenal of grip, mounting plates or other goodies that typically accompanies a actioncam – but Gear 360 is therefore also not geared to the wild adventures.

Last piece accessories you need to even download, since it is CyberLink’s Gear 350 ActionDirector-a piece of software for after treatment and haircut of your circular videos.

Certain requirements

Before you can even get started with Gear 360, you must make sure that you have one of the newer Samsung models that support the camera. The list is short:

  • Samsung Galaxy S6
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge +
  • Samsung Galaxy 5
  • Samsung Galaxy S7
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Do you have a different cell than the above, you can forget about using Gear 360 – or hope that Samsung, in the long term, broad support for other smartphones. There are, however, a workable hack.

With that out of the way, the camera is charged via a micro-USB connector and you must have a fast micro-SD cards hand to make sure that you can shoot in the highest resolutions.

Two Samsung apps are furthermore required to get mobile and camera to talk together: Samsung Gear and Gear 360 Manager app.

The further mating takes place through bluetooth and NFC and is a formality: let the two entities closer together and they will automatically attach themselves to each other.

Requires a steady hand

Now you’re ready to blast away with Gear 360-however, you will quickly realize that there must be and kicks differently than with a usual camera or actioncam.

White balance, exposure and ISO sensitivity functions as on an ordinary camera, but then also there the similarities stop.

Entering the up to 3840 x 1920 pixels at 30 fps – close to 4 k resolution 2560 x 1440 pixels, or by up to 60 fps. The former is preferable, as it is only a sample of the video there is depicted when it afterwards is displayed on the screen or in a VR headset.

Then comes the actual recording. Here, there must no longer be on composition – the term simply does not exist in 360-degree film. However, you can see how the result will appear on the cell phone, the high resolution does, however, that here is more in the case of a slide-show than a dedicated live view.

What you especially need to be aware of is how the camera is relative to what you want to shoot. Gear 360 are best in the midst of the Action Center, but with three extremely important caveats: the camera must always be kept completely horizontal, it should move minimally during the filming and you need to take your time.

You forget the first two golden rules, your footage quickly awaken seasickness with your spectators. Last advice is also important because it gives your spectators time to move around in your footage and get a sense of, to get it all over with.

Will you be content to take photos, apply the same advice: place the camera there, where things happen and keep it for God’s sake absolutely horizontal.

The camera can also be used as a conclusion, more classical actioncam, with a 180 degree field of view.However, it is still slightly wider than a GoPro Hero 4 with its 170 degree field of vision.

Require after treatment

When the clips are in the House, they can be transmitted wirelessly from the camera for mobile – it takes a little time for your image files and movie clips fills a share.

Do you want to share your 360 videos, I would advise you to turn you against your PC or Mac and go to war with the CyberLink’s video-editing program. Samsung’s mobiles allows not to edit in full resolution.

I would again like to stress how important the solution is here even though the 4 k sounds of much, the slice is displayed in much lower resolution and you feel transported to DVD quality. So good, but not flashy in these HD-days.

In contrast, export your recordings in lower resolutions, giving results flashbacks to the happy VHS and Betamax-days – an era in which very reluctantly had to make a comeback.

Editing software is fairly basic, but lets you cut and paste your videos together and spicing it with a soundtrack, transition effects and some filters.

The result can then be uploaded directly to either Facebook or YouTube.

The picture quality is there

Samsung Gear 360 is not the first amateur VR-camera, the honour falls to Ricoh’s Theta-series which was followed by Kodak’s modular PixPro.

Gear 360, however, is the first consumer camera that offers video and photo resolutions which are high enough to allow both video and still photos have the detail needed for the spectators feel that they are being transported to a new location.

Really good it will be when the results are played and one as a spectator is placed in a cathedral, in the driver’s seat of an ill-tempered Lamborghini or centrally located inside an art installation. Are you taking a VR headset on, so honoured VR technology lift-it will be like to be there though.

Colors and contrast are, as so often with Samsung, kicking and generally the results are flattering.However, as always, there is room for improvement.

The dynamics of the images and the video is not very high, and it can even HDR function is not correct significantly up on. Highlights will therefore smudging in white splotches, while shadows will sortne. At the same time, the transition from front-to bagkameraets footage is not always smooth. The maximum bitrate of 50 mbps is also at the low end.

The camera manages, however, to keep track of noise-even indoors. At night, however, it quickly becomes too dark for detailed videos.

All in all, the Gear 360 great potential, to be a good starting point to give it in the roll of 360 videos and photos. I, however, just over that ærgres advanced features as a counterpart to GoPros Protune mode or a RAW feature is not included. In the long term it can restrict them, whose ambitions are for more than home movies.

VR camera to the people

With Gear 360 Samsung has taken a product which, in essence, is extremely complicated, a 360-degree camera, and made it accessible to most. Provided, that most are already ekviperet with a newer Samsung mobile.

The results are good enough that most will have to delve into the virtual images and movies, but at the same time, the camera is still both strong, compact and relatively simple to operate.

The daily rate at just about three thousand dollars is high, but are still reasonable, considering that Gear 360 actually seen are two excellent action cameras gathered in a simple device. You must have better results, you must invest at least five times in far more complicated devices like GoPros Freedom 360 or Iris 360.

It will therefore be for 5 out of 6 stars.