Our Site: Sport Watches With Route Planner, Fitness Tape With Fat Measurement

In addition to new navigation equipment the go – 5200 and go 6200 series and the Vio-scooter Navis our site has presented a whole swing to fitness gadgets at the IFA: three sports watches and the first fitness tape by our site, the our site touch. Read here what they offer.

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Our site Runner 3 and spark 3

The runner 3 watches and spark 3 our site offers two technically identical devices. The biggest new feature: route planning for sports! Either considering it itself a precise destination route or loads prefabricated routes from Internet pages (GPX files) about the mysports app (Android, ios, or PC) on the sports watch. The watches record the distance traveled as Hansel and Gretel as a crumb trail. And on request, points the way home. Both watches are waterproof, GPS and can monitor also sleep in addition to steps and sports such as running, cycling, swimming, treadmill and Fitness Studio. Good for sports: In race mode, you can run after his previous best performance on a track or follow a training schedule (interval training). When active use of GPS should the battery 10 hours keep.
Note: Runner 3 and spark 3 is available in different versions with significantly different facilities. The cheapest versions start at 129 euros, for 179 euro you get a version with 3 gigabytes of memory and Bluetooth headphones for listening to music while running. Only the cardio version for 199 euros is also a pulse monitor included.

Our site adventure: for hikers and ski slope

The our site adventure is essentially the cardio models of spark 3 and runner 3. In addition, there is a stronger battery and extra sensors as a barometer and compass for hikers and outdoor sports enthusiasts. The automatic lift detection is the main attraction for skiers and snowboarders. Different lift rides, from slopes. During the elevator ride you can look at the pace and the gap of his last ski – or snowboard downhill. In hiking mode should the clock 20 hours with one battery charge hold out.

Our site touch: band measures muscle and fat

Our site touch offers all the usual features of a top class fitness bands, such as a pulse or automatic detection of sleep. A special feature: By touching a button next to the display, the our site touch can determine the percentage of body fat and muscle mass. So a more accurate picture of the current state of fitness to lead than about the pure weight could provide. For: Muscles are heavier than fat. Lack of GPS and sophisticated professional training plans however. Like a Smartwatch, the touch, display similar to as the Fitnesstracker by Garmin or Fitbit, notifications of the Smartphone (dates, SMS, emails, whatsapp etc.) On the touch screen. For longer texts, the display is somewhat small. The battery lasts for five days according to our site and load via a standard microusb socket. The our site touch will be available from September 8 to 149 euros with colorful Exchange bracelets.