Our Site Go 5200 And 6200: Navis With Wi-Fi And Voice Control

New devices in the go series our site introduces two innovations from the Smartphone world in the Navi: the models of our site Go 5200 (5 inch) and our site Go 6200 (6 inch) first to offer Wi-Fi access and a voice control, to a built-in SIM card already known by former top models for Europe-wide recall of quasi realtime traffic info via cellular connection. Alternatively there are cheaper go 520, go 620 without mobile which can get traffic info via a paired mobile phone.

Wi-Fi for smooth updates

The Wi-Fi connection should help especially the all-important map data updates, information about points of interest or similar fast and without obtaining a misuse of the computer to the GPS. Trying it out of the preliminary series device about, an update of speed camera locations for downloading was already offered to the Wi-Fi connection. Map updates however seem no more frequently than four times in the year. The obvious way to retrieve updates even without Wi-Fi via the built-in mobile radio module does not offer our site. Probably the immense data hungry of the map updates beyond the inclusive mobile tariffs negotiated with Vodafone. For pois and gasoline prices that would be however helpful and possible.

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Built-in voice control

The Navi can pair with your Smartphone, then reads the Navi language assistant on inbound request such messages or upcoming events. Our site using a standard Bluetooth connection, how it is used also for the hands-free function. The Navi pulls also speech recognition and voice commands of the coupled smartphones up, so Siri on the iphone, Google now (OK Google) Android and Cortana 10 Windows phone/Windows mobile. For some functions such as reading incoming SMS, our site has adapted his system itself. Based on a prior series device, COMPUTER could win a first impression of the function of image, with automatic reading still failed in each attempt. It should run but liquid at the final devices.

Video on the subject

Map updates via Wi-Fi, large screen and lots of new features: Our site shows what go 6200 offers the new our site! Navi with fresh features: our site Go 6200 check

Intelligent software

The Navi software remembers automatically frequently traveled destinations. Who goes around every morning drive to work, the it asks for some time, whether he wants to go to the usual address (all right, by the cannot be doing at each want to…). The navigation then starts without complicated programming. She can be helpful because of the real time traffic information for daily commuters, who know the course inside and out.

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Availability and prices

The our site navigation systems go 5200 (5 inch) and go 6200 (6 inch) are available immediately for 329/379 euro preorder. Who waived the built-in SIM card with Europe-wide free real-time traffic information via mobile phone network can access to the 100 euro go 520/go 620 for 229/279 euros cheaper models.

Conclusion: our site Go 5200 and 6200

Voice control of the Navis zickte before series unit some, but the integration of the Smartphone is very promising. Each Navi should can update via Wi-Fi without a PC again. Thus Navi providers would have the chance in the future faster to install new maps, the devices not only quarterly.