Official: Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is Delayed in Denmark

Samsung confirms that the new Galaxy Note 7 is delayed in Denmark. This means that it is now only available for purchase on 9. September instead of the 2. September.

Samsung may not keep up with the record demand for Galaxy Note 7. Therefore postpone Samsung now launch in Denmark, among other things, to the 9.September.

Samsung has been hit by major problems keeping up with the huge demand, which has been on the new Galaxy Note 7. Already one week after the disclosure of the phone reported Samsung out of, among other things, Netherlands and Malaysia, that the phone would be delayed in respectively a week and for an indefinite period of time.

With the Netherlands, which originally had the same launch date as Denmark on 2 April. September, lay it so a little in the air, to a postponement of the launch also would hit Denmark before or since-and sure enough. Today Samsung confirms in a press report that the high demand also slows the phone in Denmark.

This means that Samsung Galaxy Note 7 lands in the Danish stores Friday the 9. September rather than Friday, 2. September-so with a week’s delay. Due to the great interest has the South Korean manufacturer for had to share the release of top model up in three phases in Europe: The 2. September, which was the original date in Denmark, the 9. September, which is the new date, and then the 12. September.

“The response of consumers really confirms that Note7 is a well designed phone with many useful qualities. The supplied S Pen has always been at the core of the Note series but is now further developed with more usable features and an improved design. Note7 offers even on brand new funtkioner such as iris scanning, which allows the user to lock the phone up with the eyes. By spreading the European sales start over three dates, we can meet the incredible demand, there has been, “ says Lars Jansson, Vice President at Samsung Electronics Nordic.

The large interest for Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has also meant that Samsung has had to put a limit on how many copies of the phone that has could be pre-ordered, where many traders at home in Denmark has chosen to include a free set of Gear VR glasses.