Oceania for Backpacking Beginners

Australia the all-rounder – from the outback to large metropolises

The smallest continent in the world is made for backpackers and this is exactly why you will definitely meet a lot of backpackers there. In general, Australia is similar to Austria in terms of culture, so there should be no culture shock. Australia is a very good choice for your first trip, the people there are extremely friendly and helpful. Although it is the smallest continent on earth, there is so much to see and discover. Most of you are probably familiar with the cosmopolitan cities of Sydney and Melbourne .

You should also pay a visit to the many national parks, these can usually be visited free of charge. Wherever there are national parks, there are often wild animals. 90% of all Australian animals you see here are nowhere else in the world. Discover the Australian outback , the desert, the many tropical rainforests and much more – ideally during a road trip. You can’t stop listing what you have to see there. There are also great coastlines and beaches, and the country does not stop at action. Try water sports like diving, snorkeling, sailing or surfing, and have the party of your life at night. South Australia is also particularly trendy at the  moment . You see, the country is enormously diverse.

According to watchtutorials.org, the cheapest accommodation for backpackers are hostels, which are still around in Australia. Of course, the prices vary depending on the location. If you are a bit away from the megacities , you pay around $ 25 per night in summer. In the big cities of Melbourne and Sydney, a night can cost around $ 40-50. If hostel accommodation is too expensive for you, you can also switch to camping holidays  . There are many campsites in Australia where you can either pitch your tent or park your camper van. Please note, however, that wild camping is prohibited in many areas.

While hugely popular, Australia is a relatively expensive backpacking destination. It starts with the long, expensive flights and other travel costs. This is another reason why you should think carefully about how long you will stay on site. Some say, for example, that less than three weeks is not worth it, just because of the long journey and because there is so much to see. If you go out to eat and drink, the bill at the end of the evening can be a bit of a fun spoiler. The cheapest way to get away is to stock up on groceries yourself in supermarkets – definitely a cheap alternative to a restaurant. But even there – be prepared: groceries in Australia are on average around 30% more expensive than here in Austria. The tours are therefore generally a bit more expensive than you are used to – but I recommend you spend the money in attractions, to see and experience the continent than to save at the wrong end. My tip: Better to live a little more spartan and put more budget into the experiences and traveling around.

All around, Australia is a suitable destination for novice backpackers. Even with the little bits of English you can get along well here and the probability that you will meet other backpackers here is 100%. Only when it comes to your finances should you inform yourself enough so that you don’t suddenly experience the blue miracle after a week abroad.

New Zealand – the country for nature fanatics

With its North and South Island, New Zealand is a very popular destination for backpackers. It offers big cities like Auckland and Wellington, but also top beaches , especially on the North Island. The natural diversity offers a lot here. In addition to beautiful beaches, you can also marvel at volcanoes, fjords, glaciers and caves. Just the thing for backpackers who are also nature lovers at the same time . There will be no culture shock here, as New Zealand is very western. Here you don’t need to be afraid of being alone, because here you will also meet 100 percent other backpackers, from whom you can catch new insider tips or even be taken a bit with you.

The cheapest way to stay here is in hostels , which are largely scattered across the country. In many hostels there are also dormitories – these are rooms with several beds, in which you can share your sleeping quarters with other guests and thus reduce the price a bit. The best time to visit New Zealand is between December and February when it is summer. At this time it is better to book your accommodation in advance, as there is quite a lot going on on both islands during the high season. The cheapest accommodation can quickly be sold out. Unfortunately, New Zealand is a relatively expensive travel destination, but with good planning and targeted setting of priorities, you can certainly get along well with a small budget.

To get around here, either your own car, rental car or buses are recommended. Hitchhiking is also very popular in New Zealand . Everywhere you can see the thumbs of the backpackers outstretched on the roadside, hoping to be taken with them. In remote places, however, you can often wait a few hours, so you should look for a more reliable means of transport.