O2 Free: Four New Rates Close to a Real Flatrate

From October 5, O2 offers a tariff model for mobile Internet, which remains after consumption of the inclusive volume at a modest speed throttling. Usually mobile service provider slowing down extremely their customers, once they have consumed the inclusive volume stipulated in the respective agreement. In most cases, the speed then drops to GPRS level, so 0.064 megabits per second. In practice, this throttle means the complete stop on the Smartphone display, for current services or Web sites are so data-intensive, that with such a low speed hardly moves differently when O2 free, which soon is available in four variants.

Whatsapp, youtube and Facebook without end

The new O2 tariffs free slow down your surfing speed also, but only at a speed of 1 megabit per second. That sounds may not be much, 15 times is but mathematically well as soon as the usual throttling. Although still not comfortable possible are extremely data hungry applications such as music or Filmstreaming around with Spotify or Netflix. Other popular applications like whatsapp, Facebook, but also many youtube clips free are likely to run with O2 even after consumption of the inclusive volume liquid as well as classic Google search or simple browsing of Web pages. Thus, O2 is the first mobile operator, which offers a flat rate in its contracts that also earned the name at least in the approach. Single hook: O2 guaranteed after the speed limit access to LTE more, which must pose no problem of the tempo here (UMTS is always fast enough for 1 Mbps). Also, O2 could relieve so its LTE network and relieve the now well-developed UMTS infrastructure. Exciting is but how concretely implement fair throttling O2.

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Free fares: wide range, existing customers pay five euro

There is the new free tariffs in four variants of S (1 GB data with LTE speed 225 Mbps, flat telephony and SMS in all German networks for 24.99 Euro per month) to XL (8 GB LTE high-speed, flat telephony and SMS in all German networks for 54,99 Euros per month). Who is already about O2 DSL customer, pays a fee reduced to five to ten euros for a new free agreement. Mobile phone customers can enhance their current contracts for 5 euro a month to the new for-always-1 Mbps-option. The connection fee is 29,99 Euro and the runtime as usual 24 months.