Now You Can Call Toll Free to 3s Customer Service from All Over the World

At 3, you can now get a hold on the telephone company’s customer service by calling to them for free no matter where in the world you are.

Phone company 3 is perhaps the greatest player on the Danish market in terms of the possibility for foreign consumption with system 3LikeHome.

With it, you get free roaming in the form of speech, SMS/MMS and mobile data in 40 different countries, as charged in exactly the same way as it was in Denmark you used it.

Now complement 3 scheme with a new measures to make it more attractive to be a customer of 3 as foreign travellers. If for one reason or another had to be in the United States, United Kingdom, or even a remote Group of islands like Cape Verde-Yes, in fact any of the world of 195 countries-so you can always get help from 3s customer service if problems with your subscription burner on.

“Whether we are talking about questions about one’s subscription and consumption or about updating the software on the cell phone, it is important for us as a telecommunications company to make it easy for our customers to get hold of us. It is especially pleasing that the customers who find themselves abroad also can call and get help absolutely free. It says a customer abroad, he should not worry about what it costs to call us for help, “ says 3 ‘s Director of customer service Peter Kirk.

Whether you need to have a hold on 3s business customer service, private customer service or technical support, so now they stand ready to help you at no cost, even if you are 18,000 km from home it from the most secluded spot. If 3s great 3LikeHome-agreement has not yet aroused interest, have the phone company in any case now is said to appeal to the travel lustful Danes.