North Korea Destinations


The Korean border is located on the 38th parallel and in the demilitarized zone there you can use binoculars to circle the other side of the border.

Flights to North Korea

There are very limited air connections to North Korea which is abbreviated as NK by abbreviationfinder. In Finnish terms, the most convenient way to travel to North Korea is to fly to Beijing, China, and continue your journey to Pyongyang. North Korea is also served by North Korean Air Koryo, which has been barked as a one-star airline, and Chinese Air China. Flight time is about two hours.

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Another option is to travel to North Korea from China by train along the Sino-North Korean Friendship Bridge north of Dandong City. The journey to Pyongyang takes about five hours by train.

Finnish travel agencies include Mandala Travel, Traveler and Tres Hombres.

Accommodation in North Korea

Accommodation options in North Korea differ from other Asian countries due to limited tourism. All accommodation must be booked through the North Korean Tourist Office, Ryohaengsa, a company run by the country’s government. You can influence the level of accommodation, but you cannot choose the actual hotel or inn.

Getting around in North Korea

Movement within North Korea is planned by a local tour operator. All transportation must be booked through Ryohaengsa, the North Korean government’s travel agency, and an individual traveler travels within North Korea primarily only with the group through transportation provided by the travel agency.


Located in the crater of the Baekdu Volcano, Lake Chon-Ji is said to be so calm that the sky and the earth seem to be equal.

The capital of Pyongyang

Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea, is the most common tourist destination in the country. The city is full of Soviet-era buildings, interesting monuments and monuments dedicated to the Great Director.

Highlights include the 170-meter Juche Tower, a symbol of North Korean national ideology, the Arc de Triomphe honoring Kim Il Sung ‘s feats during the Japanese occupation of Japan, the North Korean National Library with Kim’s giant photographs, and Kim Il Sung Square.

Several attractions are named after the state’s founder, dictator Kim Il Sung. Other tourist attractions include the Pyongyang Botanical Garden, the Chollima Statue of the Flying Horse of Korean Mythology, Kaeson Amusement Park, the Kimilsungia-Kimjongilia Orchid Exhibition named after the Kim, the Korean Stamp Museum, and the Party Founding Monument.

In the neat clinical city of Pyongyang, you can see the local life, but during your visit it is good to remember that tourists only get access to carefully selected views. It is also noteworthy that the country’s elite and the affluent live in the capital, and the poorest people in the countryside.

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The beautiful mountains of Baekdu

The Baekdu-san Mountains are a piece of the most beautiful Korea, but due to poor transport links, it is not always included in the program of all tours. Located on the border of China and North Korea, Baekdu is an extinct volcano with the magnificent crater lake Chon-Ji. The mountain is 2,744 meters high and is also the highest peak in North Korea.

The mountain is of great religious and cultural importance to the North Koreans, and Kim Jong Il, for example, is said to have been born on Mount Baekdu. Several propaganda images of Kimei have also been taken in the area of ​​Mount Baekdu.

The former capital of Kaesong

Kaesong, the former capital of Pyongyang, a couple of hours ’drive away, is often part of North Korea’s tours. Kaesong is known for its well-preserved old town as well as its beautiful temples. Kaesong is the only city that changed owners between South and North Korea during the Korean War.

Kumgangsan Mountain Area

Kumgangsan is a mountainous region known for its stunning scenery, with the highest peak in Pirobong being the second highest in North Korea. Kumgangsan’s Diamond Mountains also attract guided tourist groups. The area includes temples and waterfalls.


Numerous landmarks have been built in Pyongyang, including Rŭngrado, claimed to be the world’s largest stadium, and the spectacular Juche Tower.

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The best experiences in North Korea

  1. See North Korea’s beautiful natural spots from beaches to mountains.
  2. Take a tour of Pyongyang’s interesting Monuments.
  3. Admire traditional Korean temples.
  4. Get to know the culture that divides the opinions of an isolated country.
  5. The closed country offers exoticism even for an experienced traveler.

Watch out for these in North Korea

  1. Take the rules and restrictions of the country seriously.
  2. Under no circumstances should you speak disrespectfully about the government of a country.
  3. Familiarize yourself with the terms of the trip well in advance.