No, It’s Photo Is Not The Galaxy S8 Front Panel, Are Screen Protectors

While this year the Samsung Galaxy S8 would come later than usual, rumors about who will be the next mobile Samsung star give truce, due in part to the enormous expectations generated around the device after the crisis of Note 7. At the moment there is nothing confirmed, but given the volume of leaks already we can get an idea of the key innovations of the terminal. However, sometimes There are leaks that are not what they seem.

This is just what has happened with the image that illustrates this article. Initially it was thought that it was the front panels that would cover the duo Galaxy S8 screens, but after a few hours it became clear were in fact tempered glass protectors created by an alien to Samsung company. With everything, If your design corresponds to the of the S8, give enough clues about what we can expect.

Goodbye, flat screen

Curved screens are starring in Samsung’s range from a couple of years ago, but so far the company had always offered a flat-screen option. However, rumors of this new generation have a long pointed to the possibility that this year the curves are present in both models, and if these protectors image corresponds to the design of the S8, We can go saying goodbye to flat screen.

The accessory would be also confirming the design of which been talk for several days. The main change will be a reduction of the frames surrounding the panel up to nearly eliminate the side profile, while the upper and lower zones would continue counting framed more evident, although much more discreet in what we have seen so far. As a result of this reduction, the characteristic of Samsung designs start button disappear and the fingerprint reader would be placed under the screen itself.

If we look more closely at the so-called protective glass of the S8, a series can be differentiated from holes in the top where find parts such as the front camera, proximity sensor, ambient light sensor and also rumored iris scanner.

In addition, although the image is not accompanied by action, it seems quite clear that there is an increase in size with respect to the previous generation. Here seems to be consensus and the rumors most agree that Plus model would rise to 6.2 inches, while the normal model would increase 5.7 inches.

Since some time ago Samsung is announcing the new Galaxy S at Mobile World Congress, but this year could be made to pray until April. However, cAbe the possibility of Samsung to show us an advancement in Barcelona, meanwhile we are still waiting.