Mar del Plata and Cerro Catedral, Argentina

Mar del Plata

Mar Del Plata is the main beach resort of Argentina, which received this status at the beginning of the last century. Once upon a time, the Argentine nobility rested here, thanks to which a modest city on the Atlantic coast turned into a resort of European level. Today, more than a million tourists visit the resort during the season, which lasts 3 months – from December to March. The city has a well-developed infrastructure, a large hotel base, many casinos, bars, restaurants and nightclubs. Mar del Plata is also one of the country’s sports centers, hosting the Olympic Stadium, which hosted the 1978 FIFA World Cup games. For lovers of golf and water sports, the resort has created all kinds of complexes and offers numerous services. The city often hosts major international conferences, as well as various entertainment events and festivals for every taste. In cultural terms, the city can be proud of its inhabitants: the world-famous composer and musician Astor Piazzolla was born here, as well as the popular Argentine artist Juan Carlos Castanino.

Mar del Plata has a rich entertainment industry. These are night clubs and sea cruises, canoeing and diving, parachuting and walking, discos and casinos. Golf lovers will find here excellent courses of international level overlooking the sea or the vast greenery of the Argentinean plain, and the Aquarium marine park will impress with an amazing show with sharks, dolphins and fur seals. During the beach season, the best theaters of Argentina come here on tour, sailing regattas and football matches are held. Every year, the queen of the resort is chosen here, and a film festival is also held.

The length of the coast is 47 km, of which 20 km is occupied by the promenade, full of sun umbrellas, signs of bars and water centers.

Resort water parks:
The Aquarium is a huge theme park located on the shore, next to the lighthouse. A large number of shows: shows with dolphins, shows with fur seals, shows with sharks, acrobatic performances of athletes on water skis and much more.
Aquasol is a water theme park with 18 swimming pools, a huge artificial wave pool, 14 water toboggans, picnic and BBQ areas, and a large gastronomic area.

Distance to Buenos Aires – 400 km (journey time – 5-6 hours, flight time – 50 minutes).

Climate The
resort is located in a temperate climate zone. The water temperature in the season reaches 25 C. The best time to visit is from December to February.

Cerro Catedral (ski resort)

The features of the resort are that the period of climbing the mountain lasts all year. The maximum height of the mountain is 2180 meters above sea level, while the height of the ski base itself is 1030 meters. The total area of ​​the resort is 1500 hectares. The maximum length of the ski slopes is 9 kilometers, and the steepness of the turns of the routes ranges from 3 to 60 degrees. The maximum temperature in winter is 6.4 degrees Celsius, in summer 21.5. The minimum temperature is 1.5 degrees in winter and 6.5 degrees in summer.


Ski resort Cerro Catedral is:

  • About 7000 places in hotels and hostels. ski schools for skiers of all ages, levels and styles
  • About 7000 sets of equipment for snowboarding and skiing
  • Bars, authentic and international restaurants, internet cafes, snack bars and pubs.
  • Medical center for first aid and other medical services. Medical center providing individual services, clinical consultations (classic for the winter period)
  • Broadband high speed internet access
  • Tourism Information Center of the Secretariat of Tourism
  • Two car parks
  • Two ATMs
  • Taxi, Remises and public transport

Paseo Plaza Amancay
Commercial shops, restaurant, confectionery and other services are located here. Plaza Amancay was built in front of the main car park on the hill where the lower Telecabina Amancay station is located. It is a central area of ​​1600 m2, surrounded by equipment rental stations, ski schools, hotel area, food stalls, company offices and ticket offices.


The resort offers 34 lifts, the total number of which exceeds the number of other lifts in the whole of Argentina:

  • 1 chairlift, which is unique in the country
  • 1 lift cabin accommodating 25 people
  • 1 quad cable lift
  • 10 double lifts
  • 2 quadruple lifts
  • 1 combined lift
  • 3 triple lifts
  • 5 single lifts
  • 2 lifts “Magic Carpet”
  • 2 double lifts “T-bar”

For those who come to the mountains for the first time, the Cathedral offers a specialized area where visitors make a step-by-step ascent to the peak of “alpine skiing”, get up on skis for the first time and enjoy the rest.
Among other things, here you can:

  • This is the perfect way to enjoy the snowy weather with the kids. This is adrenaline fun in one bottle. Ride along with your friends on the snowy slopes at full speed!
  • Ride on tarts. Simple, fast and fun with the laughter of your family and friends!
  • Walk with snowshoesthrough a fabulous snow-covered forest!
  • Ride snowmobiles. The cathedral offers various tours for the most daring. The walk is carried out at different times of the day and night through the forest with specially trained guides!

Cerro Catedral, Argentina