LG Pay G, Become The First Rumors of Yet Another Contender in The World of Mobile Payments

Apple, Android and Samsung are the leaders in the field, but not the only ones. The operators want their piece of cake and then both banks and credit card companies, his. Maybe if we thought that there were few fighters in the battle, come rumors of a new and strong competitor: There are rumours that LG is preparing its mobile payments platform.

Rumors if we bear in mind that there is an official statement from the company, but that some media are putting on mouth of Kim Jong Hoon, director of LG Electronics, who would have locked in a presentation in Korea that they are already developing payment platform, called LG Pay G. In the last hours unveiled that the company has registered this trademark in United States and South Korea.

No details about their operation but with what looks like the promise of guarantee even more versatile than the Samsung Pay operation, whose main virtue is a very promising technology with very wide support. The how will do so is unknown for now, but if they get (you know the saying, said the fact there’s a stretch) can be your great point of differentiation with respect to competition.

When will you have LG prepared ‘G Pay’? There are no details in this regard, apart from that it does not appear that it will be a very early – release within the 2015 – and probably is already well into 2016 When launched the platform, perhaps in a model similar to the Samsung with an initial phase of testing in selected countries.