LG Mobile WorldCup 2009, One Million Dollars for The Fastest

LG “today announced the start of the second edition of the”LG Mobile Worldcup 2009, competition for fast and accurate texting”, if we translate it is something as well as speed and accuracy by the mobile world competition, and although it may seem a particularly important event, you will need to know is which has a jackpot of 1 million dollars in awards.

The first round of the competition will start on August 15 in Indonesia, four weeks after kicking off a National League in the country, 200 participants will be in Jakarta faces, with close to $10,000 awards.

Similar to the described events will take place in other 13 countries, among those who are to Spain, In addition to others such as Viet Nam, Malaysia, South Africa, Mexico, Portugal, Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Russia, China and South Korea.

Winners will join the United States and Canada next month of November. There the finalists from 16 countries will compete in several rounds for the title of “the world’s fastest”.

The lucky winner will receive a prize of $100,000. What do not leave me accounts is $ 1 million adding different winners of the 16 countries, I hope that they better materialize these data, as it will make the competition, with QWERTY keyboards, normal, or if you are with a particular model.

As a curiosity, last year 700,000 people took part of the event (in Korea of the South, Brazil, Canada and the United States), and this year the Korean company hopes that this number will increase to more than 6 million participants.