LG G6 Is Seen in Various Renderings with a More Stylized Design

Mobile World Congress is approaching and, as every year, will bring the new generation of smartphones from major brands. LG has already confirmed their attendance and has even sent invitations for your event on February 26, where We know all the details of its next flagship: the LG G6.

Much has made of the LG G6. We know that it will have a display with a rather unusual proportion (18:9), which will leave the modular system that premiered with the LG G5 or will feature a cooling system to prevent overheating. However, its design has remained in the background. A manufacturer of housings has leaked possible images of the LG G6, Let’s see your details.

In the wake of the G5

If they sound you these images, it is because a few days ago the same casings manufacturer already strained possible renderings of the Samsung Galaxy S8 with a model of housing of the same series. Since the design of the S8 seems to be very much in the line of what we have been seeing with future leaks, there are possibilities of images terminal ends up confirming as LG G6, although to be quite sure We will have to wait for February 26.

According to the renderings, the G6 LG will continue betting for the same design language that we met in the previous generation, but with changes that go to a more clean and stylized appearance.

The terminal still retains the metal chassis with rounded corners, but in this case not seen any Board in the bottom, which would indicate the disappearance of the system modular LG & Friends. However, knowing the inclination of LG for allowing you to remove the battery from your equipment, We do not rule out the possibility that the back cover can be removed in some way so that we can access this piece and replace it manually.

If you look at the back is where most note the cleaning of the new design. The camera, which is still double, will no longer mounted on a piece in black and either the lens or the fingerprint reader protrude from the chassis as in the previous model.

Regarding connectors, the first image shows the charging port on the bottom, which we assume will be a USB-C and what appears to be a connector for headphones on the top. If confirmed, LG will be other brands that opt to retain the minijack, resisting the new trend to delete it.