Jewelry for the Shirt – Cuff Deluxe

Shirts are classics in the men’s fashion, bear witness to style and dress the gentleman on various occasions. Small details such as a special collar or cuff shape or combination of different fabric designs, make it a versatile piece of clothing that blends well with many styles. A shirt is still individual but by fine cuff links, which to express your own personal style. Jewelry for the shirt with crystals, stainless steel, or gadgets.

Envelope seals were ousted from the simple sports cuffs long time, because they are already with the knobs and therefore best suited to the uncomplicated business fashion. But the simple cuffs have a disadvantage: you are equipped mostly with bare plastic knobs that fit although color to the fabric , but exude little Esprit. Here is the French envelope collar: is predestined to do so, with elegant cuff links, and decorated to be. Who now sniffs and suspected dusty gold buttons from Grandpa’s time, he is also thoroughly.

The new generation of cuff links

The times in which the elegant envelope collar closed with boring and inconspicuous as possible cufflinks, are passé. Passing also the times in which it is exclusively women reserved, suitable to decorate the dressing room. Because men wear as much jewelry as well as women, may be bigger at the cuff links and not just messy. Sparkling Swarovski crystals, colorful semi-precious stones and crazy shapes now draw the eyes on the cuff. The classic Cufflink is usually round or square and made of a shiny end precious metal with following a inlay. But also funny shapes such as filigree motorcycle or plane figures, small anchor, nodes, coat of arms, or even spells come into fashion. Small gadgets such as a built-in compass, a complex precision mechanics, small water scales or miniature clocks make hearts beat faster even tech-savvy. For those who like something Mediterranean, for which there is also small decorative ceramic tiles and colorful enamel cufflinks.

Also brand lovers are served, because many – especially high-priced – designer houses like decorate their cuff links with their logos or lettering. But handmade precious metal models in limited quantities are still fine. LeMarchant, for example, manufactures cufflinks according to individual wishes and has even skulls in the range.

Individual solutions for every taste

There are cuff links, which differ completely from their original form and create a whole new look to the cuff as a flexible leatherversion. The two-tone woven cufflinks from Tateossian, for example, are made as soft leather strap that wraps the outside of the cuff and adds a sporty masculine touch to their carrier.

Thanks to the new variety of fashionable cuff links is the correct copy for every taste and style. But also their price ranges are as varied as the designs of small buttons. Just like with jewelry, fashion jewelry variants, which score points by low prices there. Pays off to invest in precious metals but that gold and silver is much more robust and more durable than the cheaper metals such as nickel.