Isolated North Korea

Mysterious North Korea is a country isolated from the rest of the world, with tourism tightly controlled.

Mystical North Korea is a inhuman dictatorship in the West that subjugates citizens and offers tourists the opportunity to see only the things they want to see.

Tourism possible only in places specified by the state

According to countryaah, the Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea is located in East Asia, neighboring China, Russia and South Korea. Only a few thousand passengers a year are allowed in the closed country of nearly 25 million residents.

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Tourism in the country is extremely controlled and visas are not issued to everyone. As a travel destination, the country is an interesting curiosity and a place where few tourists end up visiting. In terms of things to do and enjoy, North Korea does not offer the tourist an experience, and it attracts tourists who are particularly interested in exceptional travel destinations who want to see the isolated state with their own eyes. A traveler heading to North Korea is typically a traveler who has seen the world, looking for a different destination and new challenges. Totalitarian culture both interests and upsets those traveling to North Korea.

North Korea’s most famous destinations include the country’s capital, Pyongyang, as well as the country’s symbol of self-esteem, Baekdu Mountain, located on the border between North Korea and China.

Travel to North Korea is controlled to extremes and tourists cannot travel freely in the country. Tourists must participate in guided tours, and it is not possible to make a travel plan yourself. In practice, a North Korean vacation is mostly sitting on a tourist bus and listening to the guide’s stories.

The capital Pyongyang is the most modern city in North Korea and is also home to the country’s elite.

Travel in the spring or fall

The rainy season in North Korea hits the hot summer months. In winter, on the other hand, the country is quite cold. The best time to visit North Korea is in the mild weather of spring or fall.

The political situation in North Korea

Although North Korea is led by the Labor Party, there is virtually a one-man dictatorship in the country. North Korea’s human rights are considered one of the weakest in the world and locals have little freedom of speech. After the country’s second leader, Kim Jong-Il, died of a heart attack in the winter of 2011, his son, the third Kim in a row, Kim Jong-Un, took over the country’s leadership.

In the controversial situation in North Korea short for KP by abbreviationfinder, the country’s nuclear weapons program and human famine are also being discussed. Travelers to North Korea should not expect local guides to have an unbiased view of the country’s history or politics, which is why it is worth studying North Korean history and backgrounds before the trip.

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Tourism in North Korea

You can only travel to North Korea on a package tour approved by the country’s government, accompanied by a local guide at all times. Movement, photography, and imported items are strictly restricted.

All luggage and smartphones are checked at the entrants, computers and cameras are recorded at the time of entry. All the books involved are also checked, as, for example, the import of religious works into North Korea is completely prohibited.

Travel permits to North Korea can be applied for from travel agencies offering organized trips. However, it is worth remembering that all trips are made by a travel agency run by the government of the country. North Korea can find it difficult to obtain a travel permit, as an average of 4,000 to 6,000 Western travelers are admitted to the country each year.

North Korea surprises the tourist

While North Korea’s biggest attraction is probably the country’s isolation and distinctiveness, the capital Pyongyang has some interesting monuments and landmarks. If the tour program allows, you should also explore the country’s rugged mountains and deserted sandy beaches.

North Korea is living at its own pace under the dictatorial leadership: mobile phones and the internet are not part of the country today, at least among ordinary citizens.

There is a shortage of food in North Korea, but tourists get in the country to eat. Meals are usually arranged on behalf of the travel agency at tourist restaurants selected in advance by the guides. North Korea is not really known for its food culture.

Good to know about North Korea

The security situation in North Korea is good for tourists, and there is little crime in the country. However, before planning a trip, you should check the current Travel Bulletin prepared by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

The current country-by-country rule should be kept in mind in North Korea. The restrictions and rules that seem crazy in the country need to be taken seriously, and it’s always worth asking permission to photograph, for example.

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