Iphone 7: Surfaced First Lightning Adapter, Apple Is Silent

For Apple that is surprising: there’s actually listening to customers who want to not only music, but iphone 7 recharge at the same time it! This is of course more complicated without the AUX connection with conventional headphones. For Apple, the solution seems easily looks: contacted a customer of Apple chief Phil Schiller via email and asked for a tip on how you can get music and electricity under a hat the answer: use or buy the Apple lightning dock airpods. What has not however considered Schiller: the lightning dock costs 45 euros first and is second, absolutely not mobile. Should you enjoy so bent music with the head to the dock, while the iphone power? So rubbish!

The best headphones for the iphone 7

Iphone 7: gold vein for third-party

When Apple customers don’t pick, then third-party. Because the iphone 7 seems to herald the beginning of a new era in Accessories hardly is the announcement out, follow first adapter for the deleted connection. Belkin makes the beginning and brings a solution to the target problem soon for sporting 39.99 Euro. The rock star adapter makes a lightning connection two. Thus, it is possible to hang out which included lightning earpods as well as a charging cable at the same time on the iphone. The missing AUX connection is something strange here, but since Apple attaches an appropriate adapter to any iphone 7, referred to in principle looks nothing against the use of both accessory cables probably only very strange out.

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Iphone 7: power or music

You might wonder why Apple not open talks on this issue. Or you wonder who needs headphones and charging cable at the same time. Probably the world’s airports, railway stations or in the appropriate transport is seen the most common scenario because you look such a series on Netflix, then without power base or socket is faster at the end of the show than one and here the new iphone 7 just shows one of the biggest weaknesses. Only solution: adapter, adapter, and still more adapters. Or airpods. A case such as that be nice battery case, smart only just in addition to headphone jack.