Huawei P10 Comes out to The Ring of Rumors, Is So The More New of a Winner Huawei?

If something has highlighted Huawei in recent times it is precisely by the Titanic work that they have been doing to populate their catalog of smartphones with designs and options of all flavors and colors, using both its own signature as brand Honor, its spinoff dedicated to young people.

However, with all manufacturers ensuring weapons to a nearby Mobile World Congress, the truth is that the Chinese manufacturer, immersed in the period of updates to Android 7.0 Nougat of their devices, still kept well the secret of a Huawei P10 that today we have images and data to begin to appreciate where the first manufacturer of phones in the Spanish market in this interesting exercise 2017 will move.

The surprise of Huawei at this beginning of year was Huawei P8 Lite 2017, an unexpected update for its range of best-selling waiting for the new P10 Huawei, which we knew only the intention of the Chinese firm exploit the double curvature of the front in the style of Samsung, something that Huawei has already worked with Matt 9 Pro and the luxurious model Mate 9 Porsche Design.

As well, waiting that the doors open of its Press Conference on Sunday, February 26 at 14:00 Spanish time, Huawei seems that it is already taking place on a massive scale to its new flagship. In fact, already has had leaked a few days ago an image like this, where you can see a part of the chassis of the device in the Assembly line.

Do that what you see in this picture? So little, really, is that we can only warn the position of some hardware components and confirm that Huawei will return to bet on a dual camera system in the rear.

But do not remain here leaks, attentive, because now they come the first two renderings that anticipate a stylized Huawei P10, worthy successor to a Huawei P9 range that has been the signature Chinese in the point of view of the market, and we can finally see with detail.

Obviously, they are filtered images and take them comn much caution, but the truth is that we like what we see:

Is this the new P10 Huawei?

We do not know if these images appeared on Weibo are real or just imagination of some enthusiastic, but the truth is that they have good, especially taking into account what you hope to see in the Huawei P10.

To begin with, as I like the market, see a clean front with a curved side glass and a panel that would extend almost to the framework, giving the whole a high-class appearance. The fingerprint reader comes to the front bottom frame, While the top part keeps the classical setting with the camera and the proximity and light sensors.

No trace front flashes and more toppings, the prominence of the photographic section is it is the system of double rear camera by Leica, with dual LED flash multi-tone and laser for the auto focus sensor.

The rear casing is stylized without the fingerprint reader and curves more worked, but keeping the metal to remove at a stroke the problems with traces of other materials:

And that will be within the P10 Huawei? As according to rumors the best thing that has given birth to date the House their chipsets HiSilicon, a Kirin 960 manufactured with 16 nanometer technology that already adorns the benchmarks of the most important terminals of Huawei, with eight-core configuration big. LITTLE (four Cortex-A73 2.4 GHz more other four Cortex A-53 1.8 GHz), support for 64-bit and GPU ARM Mali-G71MP8 8-core.

The RAM would be 4 or 6 GB depending on configurations, with a panel of unknown technology which would reach the 5.2 inches in the basic model up to the 5.5 inch Plus model. It speaks of Daydream VR compatibility, so expected resolution QHD 1. 440p minimum.

Sources also report that Huawei will give prominence to Amazon Alexa as an intelligent voice Assistant, a paragraph that everyone wants to take care of this year with mimo.

And here we can read, for the moment, because we don’t have more details of what will be the new flagship of a Huawei wanting to confirm his candidacy to the throne world of the Smartphone market. Do you like what you see so much as we?


Huawei P10: News and rumors

Huawei P10: News and rumors