How to Sell Lingerie: 14 Practical Tips

Learn How to sell lingerie can mean extra income at the end of the month and even better, sell lingerie on a grand scale, with high profitability and incredible revenue.

The sale of lingerie is a niche market that never goes out of style, after all, this is a product that every woman needs to buy often. There are different ways of How to sell lingerie, both on your own as for resale.

This type of product is a great option to sell and increase your income at the end of the month or even make it to your professional activity, because if it’s well crafted can be very profitable.

The sale of lingerie is a very interesting activity, and can be made in various forms, not to mention that the product can be found at various prices, which lets you choose the value, and therefore the public. Follow below for tips on selling lingerie:

Ways To Sell Lingerie

Before you know what sales techniques you should use, it is necessary to define the way that you will use to sell lingerie. Basically, you can sell lingerie in three ways:

-By Catalog

One of the easier ways to sell lingerie is through catalogs, the various companies that operate in this mode. To sell in this way is just to register on supplier and receive the catalogues to present to customers.

This option is usually the least profitable financially, since the commissions by the sales turn 10% to 30% between, depending on the company can be by product or total sales.


To sell lingerie for consignment you will pick up the pieces of a company and resell to your customers. The advantage of this alternative is that you have the product in hand to show to the clientele, which is a facilitator in negotiating time, preventing the client give up the sale as can happen in Catalog option.

In this case, the profitability is also by percentages over the total of sales.

-On Your Own

The most advantageous way to sell lingerie is on its own.In this option, you can purchase the products factory direct or through suppliers, making your own price, increasing your efficiency and can still mount your stock according to the preferences of the customers.

The disadvantage of this mode is the need for investment and working capital, in addition to the risk of freezing the stock.

Tips On How To Sell Lingerie

1-Lot A Good Stock

Most customers usually buy a product on impulse, to sell lingerie is recommended to assemble a well-stocked with products prompt delivery. After all, if the woman liked the piece chosen, surely she will want to use it soon. Try to assemble a stock model and diversified manikins to fit all customers.

2-Meet The Preferences Of The Customers

To sell more and better lingerie is essential to meet the preferences of their customers. It is therefore indicated to make a record with the name, telephone, address and information about the tastes of every consumer as, for example, size, favorite color, skin type and model that you like most. So, when you receive products that fit in the profiles of customers or on holidays you can connect to them and offers them.

3-Offer A Cheaper Product

You want your customers spend enough with your products, you must earn their trust by offering a product.That way, they will rely more on your honesty and less shy the moment you suggest buying more expensive lingerie.

4-Do Themed Gift Baskets

You know those products that were left stranded and are not so fashionable? You can join them in the same basket, making a kind of kit and giving a special name. For example, one set of panties, a bra, skirt and bathroom soaps can turn into a beautiful kit with the name “scents of Passion”.

5-Put Tags In Lingeries

One of the ways of making marketing when selling lingeries is to put labels on products, writing your name, phone number and other contact information so that the customer can call you if you have any problems or want to buy again.Invest in a stylish label and which do not damage the goods.

6-Use The Internet To Exchange Tips

The internet is very useful for selling lingerie. You can create or join groups and pages on Facebook and Whatsapp to expose your products, give tips to the customers, in addition to meeting new customers. Feed these channels with information to call the attention of women.

7-Do Lingerie Tea

In recent years, many women are changing the bridal shower lingerie tea before you got married, where they receive from your friends and earn lingerie as a gift. To increase your sales you can mount a special stock and offer the unique service of tea of lingerie, organizing the event for the clients concerned.

8-Visit Companies

Visit your region’s companies to offer the lingeries at employees. In this situation, you should call the companies and talk to the Human resources area to chat and check if there is the possibility to take the products to the customers meet during intermission. If the answer is positive, do not forget to leave a toast in HR.

9-Make Their Sales In Hairdressing

The barbers are a great environment to sell lingerie, because you’re always full of women and you can show the products while they are waiting to be serviced. Make partnerships with those responsible for salons to get permission to sell in these establishments.

10-Get The Customers Home

Create the habit of making meetings and receive the customers at home to sell lingerie. Ideally, the environment to do the presentations and make sales is nice and cozy, which contributes to make customers more comfortable and susceptible to perform purchases.

11-Give Tips On How To Use And Conserve The Lingeries

Normally, the lingeries are made from finer fabrics and if they are not used or stored properly can spoil easily.Taking this into account, you can also give tips on how their customers should use, wash and store the lingerie they buy to keep them beautiful for longer.

12-Do Gift Certificates

In the women’s day or on commemorative dates, many men seek to give lingerie to their dating and wives, but generally are in doubt about how to choose the best option.Thinking in these customers, you can do gift certificates with specific values for unique pieces or sets.

13-Follow The Fashion Trends In Lingerie

As well as in other sectors, the fashion in lingerie is very dynamic. For selling lingerie is indicated to be always following the fashion trends in this area as colours, models, newspaper clippings and fabrics.

Browse study on trends, which allows you to indicate the best pieces for every body type, style and preference of customers. So you pass credibility and increase sales.

14-Be The Showcase Of Their Products

The customers do not buy only their products, but also to your image. Therefore, you must be the showcase of their products, and always well dressed up and looking receptive to facilitate communication.

Give tips about the lingerie that you use and what benefits they brought in for your body. For example, this bra is more indicated for use to shape your breasts in blouses with cleavage. Present a positive experience helps the client to decide to buy.

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