How Can You Live Streame Apple’s WWDC Event Tonight

Apple shoot tonight the annual WWDC event started with a keynote, where major news is expected to be presented. You can home in the living room to follow on a livestream.

When Apple tonight shoots the annual Worldwide Developer Conference underway in California, will be the customary beliefs with a keynote the first 1-2 hours.

This keynote include the really big news, and therefore live streamer Apple also the exciting event in addition to the entire Internet.

For this purpose, since our site created, where you can see a reminder about when it’s going on. This evening at 19:00 start event where this page later updated with video player.

Please be aware that Apple’s livestream can only be seen if you are using Safari for OS X 10.8.5 6.0.5 or later, Safari for iOS 6.0 or higher, or 2. or 3. generation of Apple TV to version 6.2 or later. Apple no longer publish new versions of the Safari browser for Windows. Therefore, you must resort to other methods if you want to follow along with.

For example, if you have the video player, VLC, you can open livestreamen directly in this.
Until 19:00, or possibly a little before, the link will not work, and therefore will cause error messages. When it all goes loose, you should be able to follow without any problem from your favorite show without meeting demands for specific browsers and operating systems from Apple.

What you can expect for the event

For the big WWDC event there is, not surprisingly, high expectations of what Apple has in store for the presentation.

Rumors have long circulated about what Apple will show off, and there is now little doubt that Apple’s music service will be a reality, just as there is also an update of the operating system to, respectively, iOS, OS X and Watch US.
Another great news, a new Apple TV when not, however, to get ready for tonight, it sounds.