Great Update Rolls out to Lunar Bankappen Way

The Danish bankapp Lunar Way is updated today to version 1.4, which brings several cool new features, improvements and design changes with it.

The Danish app Lunar Way, which gives an entirely new banking experience, has got an excellent start, where cooperation with Nykredit latest have come in the House.

Today the Danish team behind app a major update for both iOS and Android, which will upgrade the Lunar Way to version 1.4 and introduces several new changes.

First and foremost, there is the speed. The relatively new app has already been programmed all over again from scratch, which has resulted in a huge increase in the app’s speed by a factor of 10.

The user interface is also improved in several places. In the list of your transactions is now implemented a smart search field, so you can now find information from a particular transaction either by simply typing the amount, a title, details about the transaction or the recipient and the sender.

The Info screen on every single transaction is at the same time honed further, so you get an appropriate logo from the site of the transaction is from. For example, if you buy something from Joe & The Juice, then adorns your transaction with their logo.

IOS users of Lunar Way can additionally benefit from a smart, small widget in ‘ in dag’ area in the message center. With it you can quickly get a glimpse of what the status of your balance is and how much money you’ve spent in the current month.

If you have an iPhone 6s or 6s Plus iPhone, you can now also use 3D Touch along with Lunar Way. It is both feasible on the app’s icon on the home screen as well as directly in the app.

If you want a more in-depth insight into the new Lunar Way-app – bankappen targeting the digitized generation – you can read more about it in this review. Are you on the other hand, fresh to give Lunar Way an effort, it’s just getting written you on the waiting list immediately and wait to get access in the near future.

Then you must create you as a bank customer, which you can easily keep your current bank account with your existing bank, even if you give the Lunar Way an effort – and let us not forget: It is quite free.