Gorilla Glass 5 in Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Impresses in the Drop Test

Equally disappointing Gorilla Glass 5 in Samsung Galaxy S7 is what scratches are concerned, just as impressive is it in a drop test, where it is incredibly durable.

The launch of the Cornings new Gorilla Glass 5 is likely to be a bit of an emotional rollercoaster ride for the U.S. glass manufacturer.

The criticism is for haglet down the company and Samsung just as much, because the Galaxy Note 7 is the first mobile with the new glass that has proven not to be particularly tough to scratches in comparison to most other smartphones.

As it has been from the outset, theory is Gorilla Glass has increased tremendously to shocks from falls of up to 1.6 m height, which, however, has been done on the compromise of glass durability against scratches. It is underlined in a new video from YouTube-channel PhoneBuff, who in such a controlled environment as possible testing, where the team just all kinds of smartphones is, when they dropped down on a stone surface from 1 m height.

The new test with Galaxy Note 7 going on with iPhone 6s as a competitor, in which a machine release the two phones at the same time – first where they land with the back down, then with the bottom, side and finally the front down. Both phones are performing the first four case without major problems, but Gorilla Glass-back on Note 7 split, however, at the first attempt. The same applies to the screen, where the flængerne, however, is not nearly as clear and violent as the ones on the iPhone 6s.

In and of itself is a shorn screen after a few losses not particularly impressive, but it’s Galaxy Note 7 ‘s durability in the subsequent additional tests that show how great a difference Gorilla Glass 5 does. Where iPhone 6s goes completely broken with a faulty monitor that can no longer be operated after 5 additional trials, copes with Galaxy Note 7 all 50 of the same kind, whereupon the screen still works perfectly.

The glass is of course somewhat damaged along the edges, but it is by no means something that prevents you from continuing to use it.

With Gorilla Glass 5 you should therefore not worry about ending up with a smartphone that can no longer be operated if you should come out to lose the unfortunate. On the other hand, there is still a great risk that the glass it splits, but again not in a degree, so you cannot use it.