FBI-Gate: iphone Decryption Was Unnecessarily Expensive

The story about the iphone of the San Bernardino bomber takes and takes no end. New information from security researchers let the FBI don’t look good. You remember? The FBI demanded the security arrangements of the iphone by Apple, out to undermine, to read any information about terrorist connections. Apple refused, the FBI hired affiliated hackers who should accomplish this task with success. But the task for the U.S. taxpayers was not cheap. According to calculations by the Washington Post, the FBI has paid$ 1.3 million (equivalent to about 1.15 million euros) the hackers. 2016, the Security Authority has an annual budget in the amount of $ 8.7 billion available. 2017 to be increased that sum to $ 9.5 billion.

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1.3 million U.S. dollars instead of 100-dollar hack

It is already clear that the impressive sum for the iphone hack was not well spent: on the work phone of the bomber, the authority has found no connections to Islamist terror networks according to own. And it will be really embarrassing for the FBI, because security researcher Sergei Skorobogatov has now shown of Cornell University, British, you would have able to crack the iphone for $100. San1 has now published, how he can read the memory of the iphone 5-model using a technique called NAND mirroring with commercially available components. The problem and its solution: The ancient NAND memory of iphone contains encrypted data, only after entering the correct PIN, the memory is clear text out. Try stoically all possible pins, I can’t because Apple’s Sicherheitsmechnismen lock the iphone after too many failed attempts.

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Are all iphone 5 and 6 crack?

San1 has backed up therefore the encrypted contents of the store, then guess the PIN in a test Board just with a brute force software, and reset always the NAND memory with the previously secured encrypted data just when needed. The NAND memory has forgotten the previous failed attempts this again and again. San1 wants to bought the necessary components for straight time (equivalent) $100 in the closest electronics market. 20 hours reading at a duration of 4-digit PIN a few weeks with a 6-digit. By the way the FBI NAND mirroring knew quite how the write hacker News: that does not, Security Bureau Chief James Comey cited an expensive mistake. But Apple would be not too thrilled, because like San1 describes in detail, should his method all iphones the 5 – and 6-series crack can be: any attacker with sufficient technical knowledge can repeat this experiment. A fistful of dollars…