Exercises With Elastic to Thicken the Legs

To increase the muscle mass of the legs and buttocks, leaving them toned and defined, you can use the elastic band as it is a lightweight, very efficient, easy to carry and practical to store.

This workout equipment that can be used at home or in the gym, makes it possible to perform exercises that help to work the thighs and buttocks by increasing the strength and, fighting the flab, fat and cellulite in this region.

Training with elastic in addition to help make the penalties harsh, it also helps to get my butt in shape and your arms and belly strong, since the force that it exerts to pull the elastic to the demands that exercise the entire body at the same time.

How to increase the muscle mass of the thighs and buttocks

To be this increase is necessary:

  • Do exercises with elastic band for the thigh and for the pantorrilha, at least 3 times per week for about 30 minutes;
  • Maintain a diet rich in proteins, eating daily, meat, fish, egg, milk, cheese and yogurt. Learn about other foods: Foods rich in protein.

In addition, you can do exercises at the gym and have an increase your thighs and glutes, you can use the specific machines for the lower limbs, such as leg extension machine, flexora or leg press , for example.

Exercises With Elastic to Thicken the Legs 1

Exercise for the thighs

  1. Fend off the feet, placing a leg behind and the other to the front, supporting the back only at the tip of the foot;
  2. Hold one end of the elastic to the footthat is behind and the other part of the elastic should be on the shoulder of the opposite leg;
  3. Bending the knee back toward the floor, and the thigh of the front leg parallel to the floor and the knee aligned with your heel;
  4. Raise the knee and the trunk,pushing the tip of the foot of the back leg against the ground.

If I start the exercise with the right leg forward and the left behind, after you complete the reps, change leg and do the same.

Exercise to the inside of the leg

To work the inner part of the thighs, you can do an exercise, tying a piece of elastic in a bar or pole, and the other part of the elastic should be fastened at the foot of the side of the bar. To do this exercise simply, crossing the leg elastic to the front of the supporting leg.

Exercises With Elastic to Thicken the Legs 2

During the execution it is important to always keep the elastic stretched and the back straight. In addition, the foot that has the band should never touch the ground, so important, contract the abdomen.

Exercise for the calf

The calf, also known as twin, is an area of the leg that when set, makes the leg more beautiful, because it is more toned and defined.

  1. Lie back on the floor, raise your legs upward, extending them fully;
  2. Put the elastic band over the top of the feet, by pulling with the hands;
  3. Point the tips of the feet to the head;
  4. Point the tip of the feet to the ceiling.

In addition to these exercises, usually, all types of squats all contribute to leg it looks more thick and firm, in addition to help define the butt.

Exercises With Elastic to Thicken the Legs 3