Exercises to Strengthen the Abdomen After Childbirth

The exercises for post-birth help to lose weight and improve posture, but should only be performed after the release of the obstetrician for the risk of reopening of the points of the section or of the situation. However, the exercise of Kegel can be performed soon after birth and are indicated to combat the urinary incontinence and improve intimate contact. Here’s how to do the kegel exercises.

Water exercises, such as swimming and water aerobics, should only be started after 60 to 90 days after birth, because the water may cause some uterine infection.

The 3 exercises for the post-partum period that indicate the following can be done at home and are very helpful to lose belly because they strengthen the abdominal muscles, being also very useful to prevent and treat back pain caused by laxity of the belly and bad posture.

Exercises to Strengthen the Abdomen After Childbirth 1

Exercise 1 – Abdominal with ball

In this exercise you should stand still in the position that shows the image 3 during 1 minute, twitching whenever the abdominal muscles.

Exercise 2 – Bridge

You should stay lying belly up and then elevate the hips from the floor, as shown in image 1, but without touching the buttocks on the floor. You should do this exercise continuously for 1 minute.

Exercise 3 – Plank

You should stay lying belly down, and then raise the body while keeping the support, with support only your forearms and the tips of the feet. You should stay stop in this position between 30 to 60 seconds .

As soon as you finish an exercise, you should start as soon the other, totaling 3 minutes of exercise. In the early days the 3 minutes are enough, but with the passing of time is necessary to increase the duration of the exercise.

Exercises to Strengthen the Abdomen After Childbirth 2

These exercises are great for post-birth because it does not spend many calories and therefore should not interfere with breast milk production, not hindering the breastfeeding. But if you feel any discomfort or there is a loss of blood from the vagina, you should stop performing the exercise immediately and inform the doctor of this situation.

Other solutions to strengthen the tummy after childbirth

  • Use strap

The woman can use a strap abdominal since it gives more security to move around and improves the appearance of the silhouette. However, you should avoid using the strap all the time, especially during the practice of physical exercise and while sleeping because it prevents the tummy muscles to constrict slowing the recovery. Here are some examples of strap: modeling girdle postpartum.

Additionally, you should not use cintas modeladoras with the intention of fine tuning the waist and lose abdominal fat, because they actually prevent the contraction of natural muscles of the abdomen and cause weakness and sagging in the belly. See when should you use strap in a modeling girdle thins the waist?

Exercises to Strengthen the Abdomen After Childbirth 3

  • Maintain good posture

For the belly the harder it is necessary to maintain daily a correct body posture, keeping the stomach contracted, making strength in the abdominal area, and, taking the belly button to the back. This contraction should be maintained constantly, as if the woman was shrinking the belly slightly.

  • Do surgery

When the woman holds the abdomen very limp and has pain in the back, even doing the physical exercise, maintaining a good posture and moderating the use of the strap, it may be necessary to perform a tummy tuck.

In this surgery, in addition to if sew up the belly muscles, repositioning the abdominal wall, is also removed the excess skin and fat from the belly.