Eight Things We Ask The Future Samsung Galaxy Note 8

It’s been over three months since Samsung decided to remove the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 of the market and we have had to wait until today to meet the official version about why some models overheated to burn. As we have already made strides, the culprits are the batteries and a somewhat hasty manufacture.

Samsung has taken advantage, once again, to apologize for all the problems caused, but apologies won’t make you forget the crisis of Note 7, the Trump of the manufacturer so all of this is in the past is to demonstrate that it was an isolated error and make it clear that can make completely secure phones. Samsung Galaxy S8 will be the first step, but the real litmus test will come with the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 at the end of summer. This is what you want to see in the next phablet of the company.

1. a version with flat screen

Samsung introduced the concept with the Galaxy S6 series dual-edge and little by little we have seen how the curved screens soon its high-end. The S6 and S7 are available in versions of flat-screen, but the retired Note 7 arrived on a single variant curve and expected that Galaxy S8 duo follow the same path.

Samsung has made its hallmark curved screens, but it has been shown that there are more an added aesthetic that contributes little or nothing to functional level, in fact in some cases it is even uncomfortable, like for example when using the pen S Note 8 expect Samsung to regain the option of flat screen and so where have choose.

2. 4 K resolution for virtual reality

The advantages of a panel FullHD facing one QHD are often discussed since, at first glance, the differences are not so evident, why 4 K screens on mobile phones have not spread yet. However, There is a scene where 4K is a clear advantage: virtual reality.

If the rumours do not fail, Samsung is preparing a Galaxy S8 with panel 4K, is confirmed, the logical step would be to adopt this configuration also in its other flagship, or at least a special variant for those who want to use the device for virtual reality.

3 to regain the throne of power

Recently, AnTuTu published the list of most powerful smartphones in 2016 (always according to your benchmark tool) and the top ten there was no device Samsung. Note 8-we hope that Samsung added that excess of power that often characterize their products.

If the company follows its usual strategy, there will be a Note 8 835 Snapdragon chip and the other with the last Exynos. In addition, is expected that the RAM 6 GB to be at the same level that have already reached many of its competitors.

4. more storage options

Another aspect that often is a matter of discussion is the capacity. Note 5 the discussion focused on the absence of slot MicroSD, element that Samsung had eliminated due to its new design in metal and glass. In return, the brand offered three versions of capacity (32/64/128 GB).

With the Note 7 Samsung returned to bring back the MicroSD slot and as he had external Samsung storage not found it important to offer more than a 64 GB Edition. We hope that with the Note 8 merging the two concepts and bring both MicroSD as several options of different capacity, including a 256 GB.

5. the minijack isn’t ready to leave

The headphone jack is an element of our phones that is under threat When brands such as Motorola and Apple decide to dispense with it on their computers for the sake of a more slim design or to make room for other components.

Currently We do not believe that eliminating the minijack suppose an advantage level user, nor from the point of view of the design nor the sound, so we hope that Samsung still maintain this connector in Note 8. There are rumors that the S8 will retain the minijack, so there are possibilities that will remain also in the series Note.

6. an innovative design

Rumors of the S8 are reaching its peak and we have already seen quite a few pictures of what could be his design. Are they confirmed, Samsung will aim to “without frames” fashion with its next flagship, thus introduce a screen much bigger in a relatively compact design, even if as a result the Start button disappear.

Since the Note are known for their large screens, we hope that the concept will also reach this generation and Please Note 8 a more manageable device, In addition to giving a facelift to the typical design.

7. lowest price

The high-end prices in general have soared in recent years, and the 7th Note is a good example of this trend. Gone are the times in which a high-end smartphone cost € 600 or even 700, now top terminals as it did Note 7 before its withdrawal exceeds 800 Euro, a figure that we consider excessive.

Rumors suggest that the Galaxy S8 will cost more or less the same as the previous generation, but We hope that the company set prices and the Galaxy Note 8 does not remain at 860 euros it cost his predecessor.

8. good autonomy, but that battery is not burning

For a type phablet device, the battery is a key point for sufficient autonomy. Samsung extended battery of Note 7 in 500 mAh with respect to the previous model, but despite everything, 3500 mAh is a rather tight figure for a device with 5.7 inch QHD panel.

Note 8 want a battery with sufficient capacity to give extended autonomy, but that Yes, that implement it with safety always a priority.