Do You Have a Need for Hi-Fi Sound? Take the Test Here

Can you hear the difference on whether the music is by Hi-Fi quality, and do you need this? Get the answer here, where your hearing abilities are put to the test.

Occurs often torrid debates between skeptics and hi-fi enthusiasts or audio file, which seems to be able to hear the difference on uncompressed audio in excellence in relation to typical compressed music of lower quality, which take up less space.

But is it really the case? You can even try out in a test by the US organization, National Public Radio (NPR), has set out to do.

In the test, which you can find here, you will be faced with 6 samples or sample of the songs “Tom Ford” by Jay Z, “Speed of Sound” by Coldplay, “there’s A World” by Neil Young, “Tom’s Diner” by Suzanne Vega, “Dark Horse” by Katy Perry and “Piano Concerto No. 17” by Murray Perahia & The English Chamber Orchestra.

Randomly found each song sample in three qualities: 128 kbit/s, 320 kbit/s and uncompressed WAV, where you need to give your bid on after having heard them all, which is the uncompressed version – that is, in the best quality.

Eventually you will get a result. It will probably fluctuate greatly depending on whether you hear it on the laptop’s speakers, with cheap headphones or over an expensive hi-fi system.

What do you get in the test? You can hear the difference in sound quality, and you need to hear music in uncompressed form? Is Hi-Fi audiophile absolutely crazy, or is there some truth? Give your say and not least the result of the test below, which you can try on several sound systems.