Difficult, Difficult Not to Fall Surrendered to Shelters from Zara This Fall

A few days ago my fellow Javi presented us the lookbook full Zara for the month of October, a lookbook that has been characterized by combining in a same collection a very German style with straight cuts and rigid items in coats and a variety of textures and colors nothing typical of the summer post season. Lots of variety in general and in shelters, especially if we get into the particular.

And as the cold it raging and we are sure that many walk looking for ideas to cope… What if we take a look at what’s new that Zara offers us?

Combined wraps leatherette, cross trenches, parkas… details such as skin round neck and cuffs, or the frog closures closures give personality to the choices in the collection. A colour palette covering all records: white broken for the winter, red roof tiles and green bottles, ash grey, black… it all depends on the pants and shoes with which we want to combine.

The military style is also reflected in the bomber that we find in the collection as well as a style more relaxed adventure in jackets aviator who are reinforced with borrego inside skin and on collar and cuffs to prevent cold or faux rabbit fur If we want a more casual style and naive.

As novelty highlighted the removable trenchs and following the same aesthetic, a new concept of parka What maintains the hoodie but it is stylized and shortens to get a more elegant style and losing that touch mod that characterizes him.