Denver, Colorado

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Well, where else in the States can the mayor of a city own one of the most popular microbreweries in the country? Of course, only in Denver. Of course, John Hickenlooper did not start his career in politics, but just the same in creating an excellent foamy drink, which is oh so popular in the capital of Colorado. In addition to the amber draft, Denver is famous for its status as a “city at a height of a mile”, and this is true – this is the only settlement in the United States of this magnitude, located strictly at an altitude of 1609 m above sea level. Well, and, perhaps, it is impossible not to recall one more “trick” of the Colorado capital, without which the image of the city would be incomplete – this is its special, original cuisine. Try Rocky Mountain Oysters, for example, but keep in mind that these are nothing more than fried bull testicles.

Of course, the “lion’s share” of tourists tends to the former mining town, founded during the Colorado gold rush in 1858, not so much to explore the sights, which are very worthy, by the way, but for the fantastic ski resorts around. Snow Mass, Aspen, Breckenridge, Vail and a dozen other names that sound to the ear of every skier better than any music in the world.

How to get there

According to act-test-centers, 40 km northeast of the city center is the large Denver International Airport, which receives flights from all over the world and all US states (by the way, this is the country’s 4th air harbor in terms of passenger traffic).

It will not be difficult to get to the city center by shuttle bus, SkyRide buses ( 9 USD ), taxi or rented car. In the latter case, follow Peña Blvd to the stop, which then merges with I-70 (about 35 minutes on the way). The arrivals hall has a tourist information office and plenty of rental-a-car offices.

In addition to planes, Denver also receives trains, in particular the legendary Amtrak’s California Zephyr, which runs every day between Chicago and San Francisco via the capital of Colorado and Salt Lake City; departure from Union Station (corner of 17th & Wynkoop Sts).

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Well, where else in the States can the mayor of a city own one of the most popular microbreweries in the country? Of course, only in Denver.


Public transport in Denver (RTD) includes 168 bus routes and 6 light rail lines that connect the city itself with Boulder, located 30 kilometers away. The ticket price for one day is 5.20 USD, there are also free shuttles running along the 16th St Mall. The tram fare is the same.

Those who rent a car at the airport should keep in mind that it will be difficult to find parking in the city center along the streets, look for special underground garages, there are a lot of them in the center, and even better – choose hotels with their own parking lots.

Weather in Denver

Denver has a continental climate, meaning there are four distinct seasons and moderate rainfall; a feature is a large number of sunny days a year, about 300. The warmest month is July, the temperature is comfortable around +24 ° C, however, due to monsoons, frequent thunderstorms are possible from the middle of the month. The coldest month is December, the thermometer shows around -2 °C, and the snowiest month is March. In general, winters in Denver are mild, frosts are rare, and temperatures around +8 ° C are called the norm. It is believed that in the capital of Colorado it is really cold only 7 days a year: these are average statistics, taking into account that frosts can suddenly break out to -18 ° C, but apparently they will not last long.

Entertainment and attractions in Denver

The “heart” of Denver is the never-sleeping Capitol Hill district, along which the main arteries of the city – Broadway, Downing Street, Colfax Avenue and Sixt Avenue – run. Adjoining this block is LoDo (the lower central part of the capital of Colorado, which is called Lower Downtown, shortened by residents to a digestible version of “LoDo”). It is bordered by Larimer Square and Union Station, which is popular in the evening, and is famous for its many historic buildings, as well as the most popular restaurants, nightclubs and, of course, attractions in Denver.

The city’s most important landmark is the late 19th century Colorado State Capitol, a massive white granite building topped by a 55-meter golden dome. Address: 200 E Colfax Ave; they offer free organized tours, but it’s more important to take a photo in front of the “One Mile Above Sea Level” sign. Next, you should direct your steps to LoDo and just enjoy a walk through the old quarter, stopping by one or another museum along the way. For example, in the Molly Brown House Museum, address: 1340 Pennsylvania St, the cost of visiting is 5-8 USD). The “unsinkable” Lady Molly Brown, one of the few surviving passengers of the Titanic, lived in the 1880s in a large Denver mansion. Today, you can see not only the original furniture of that period, but also a lot of charming antique knick-knacks during a 45-minute tour.

The city’s most important landmark is the late 19th century Colorado State Capitol, a massive white granite building topped by a 55-meter golden dome.

Another pretentious mansion worthy of a visit is the Colorado Governor’s Residence (Governor’s Residence at Boettcher Mansion, address: 400 E. 8th Ave, admission is free). Remarkable as the history of the mansion, full of noble names of aristocratic residents of Colorado, and the interiors of the building. Every Tuesday from June to August, as well as one week in December, free tours of the residence are held.

Finally, you can complete your acquaintance with the powers that be in Denver at the Brown Palace Hotel (321, 17th Street, tour every Wednesday and Saturday at 15:00, cost 10 USD, free for guests). This legendary triangular-shaped hotel, built in 1892 in the very center of the city, hosted Roosevelt, Truman, Eisenhower and even beaten Beatles within its walls. All of them left their autographs in the guest book of the hotel. At the end of the tour, afternoon tea awaits – a long tradition of Brown Palace, which is not forgotten for a single day. Anyone can join.

Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg of the attractions of charming Denver, because the magnificent museum collections of the capital of Colorado, presented, for example, in the Art or Natural Science Museums, deserve special mention. And the Denver Zoo is the 4th most popular zoo in the US, which means a lot! And the amazingly picturesque Botanical Garden, and the museum with the grave of the great Buffalo Bill, and Eldorado Canyon, and, of course, Rocky Mountain National Park – the “pearl” of not only the state, but the whole country, which is only 1.5 hours drive from the city.

Denver, Colorado