Cyprus – Sunny Holiday Destination

Cyprus is a sunny holiday destination, especially for family travelers. Read the Beach Ball Destination Guide and plan your own vacation.

Cyprus is one of the sunniest destinations in the Mediterranean

According to Greek mythology, the goddess of beauty and love, Aphrodite, was born from the foam of the sea in Cyprus, which was consecrated to her worship. Beauty and love are still enough today, as the sun pampers the island of Cyprus exceptionally much.

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Cyprus, the third largest island in the Mediterranean, is located in the eastern Mediterranean near Turkey. The southern part of the island is an area ruled by the Republic of Cyprus and inhabited by Greeks, while the northern part of the island is occupied by Turkey and inhabited by Turks. Holiday trips are mainly made to the territory of the Republic of Cyprus, which covers two thirds of the island’s area. According to countryaah, Cyprus is a country located in western Asia.

Cyprus has a colorful history and, before its current state, has been ruled by several different peoples, each of which has left its mark on the island’s culture. Despite the dichotomy, southern Cyprus in particular is one of Finland’s most popular holiday destinations from year to year. And not in vain, because here the mind rests and the weather favors the holidaymaker. There are also enough legends and culture in Cyprus, as the stories of Aphrodite show. The island has been inhabited for 9,000 years, so there is also plenty to offer in terms of historical attractions. Cyprus, for example, has three UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Larnaca’s medieval castle is a historic attraction that can be visited during a relaxed beach holiday.

Beach life and sunshine

Above all, Cyprus is a beach holiday destination, where family holidaymakers in particular thrive. There are also hotels suitable for couples for a romantic getaway. The most popular resorts on the island are Paphos , Ayia Napa and Limassol.

Cyprus’s praised solar security means that the sun shines statistically up to 320 days a year. In Cyprus, of course, you can do more than just worship the sun. Opportunities for water sports such as diving and snorkelling are great. Car holidays and hiking trips are also popular things to do. In Paphos, the best water sports can be found on the sandy beaches of Coral Bay and Corallia, as well as the nearby beach of Yeroskipou. Seafood can also be explored on a fishing trip to Paphos, for example.

Thanks to its well-known sandy beaches Nissi Beach, Golden Beach, Makronissos, Sandy Bay and Grecian Bay, Agia Napa has developed from a dormant village of fishermen and farmers into a vibrant beach resort.

The climate in Cyprus is mild

Short for CY by abbreviationfinder, Cyprus has a Mediterranean climate, meaning that the summers on the island are hot and dry, while the winters are mild and rainier, with the few rainy days on the island. The warmest in Cyprus is in July and August, when the temperature stays constantly above 30 degrees. Travel agencies organize trips to Cypriot resorts throughout the year. However, the widest supply is in the summer months.

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Cozy taverns and tasty mezes

The evening is spent in Cyprus in restaurants and pubs, not forgetting the taverns, of course. In Cyprus, the visitor should taste the island’s specialty and enjoy a traditional meze meal, which is a set of meals made up of several small portions. Cyprus has been known for its good wines since ancient times. The main wine regions are around Limassol and Paphos and on the slopes of the Troodos Mountains. “Drink well and be happy,” is an old Cypriot saying.

Agia Napa has the busiest nightlife on the island, which is international and youthful. If Disco isn’t interested, there’s authentic Cypriot nightlife in Limassol, where you can dance to live music to the beat of the locals in the buzuki clubs. Cyprus can also be seen in the form of various events. Limassol, for example, is said to be the festival city of Cyprus. It hosts annual wine festivals, flower festivals and carnivals, among other things.


Agia Napa is a comfortable beach holiday destination for package tours.

Flights and trips to Cyprus

Finland has good air connections to Cyprus. The direct flight to Cyprus takes about four hours. The main airport of Cyprus, Larnaca International Airport, is located near the city of Larnaca. Flights from Helsinki to Larnaca cost about 200-300 euros. Norwegian , among others, flies to Cyprus .

Cyprus is also a popular package holiday destination. For example, Aurinkomatkat , Detur and Tjäreborg make trips to Cyprus.

During the summer season, it is reasonably easy to find sudden trips to the coastal towns of Cyprus. These last minute package tours are often much cheaper than the normal price.

Hotels and accommodation in Cyprus

Cyprus is a popular destination, so the island naturally has a comprehensive hotel offer. Accommodation in Cyprus ranges from budget hostels and bed and breakfasts to luxury hotels and rental houses. There is also a wide range of themed hotels, such as family-friendly hotels with plenty of things to do for children – and age-restricted resorts for more peaceful adult tastes that do not accommodate families with children at all.

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Accommodation can be found all over the island, but the best selections are in major tourist destinations. At its cheapest, you can stay in Cyprus for twenty euros, but as the level rises, so do prices. On average, a basic hotel night in Cyprus costs between € 70 and € 90.